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Despite the massive success of Jersey Shore Family Vacation, former Shore star Sammi Giancola has wanted nothing to do with the lucrative project.

For years, the narrative has gone something like this:

Sammi wishes her former co-stars all the best, but the Shore environment was a toxic one for her, and she’s much happier staying home with boyfriend Christian Biscardi.

Unfortunately, it seems that the last part of that statement no longer applies.

Did you miss her? Sammi Sweetheart returned to Jersey Shore in August 2023. (Photo Credit: MTV)

It was reported last week that Sammi and Christian have broken up.

Neither party has spoken out to confirm or deny those rumors, but the reports have been corroborated by several developments that have occurred over the past two days.

For starters, Giancola and Biscardi are no longer following one another on Instagram.

Obviously, that’s a pretty big deal, especially considering the public nature of their relationship.

And Christian has now taken things a step further by deleting all pics of Sammi going back to 2019.

Sammi apparently hasn’t felt the need to take that petty step.


Although it’s worth noting that the last pic of her and Christian on her page was posted back in March of this year.

So it’s possible that Sammi and Christian went their separate ways much earlier than anyone realized.

Whatever the case, they’re clearly not interested in talking about it.

But with Sammi wiping any mention of Christian or their engagement from her Instagram bio, we can safely say that these two are really over.

Giancola and Biscardi announced their engagement back in March of 2019.

“I’m completely overwhelmed with happiness,” Sammi wrote at the time.

“Yesterday was the best day of my life! I get to marry my other half, best friend and soulmate,” she continued.

“I look forward to spending the rest of my life with you @_biscardi I love you!!”

Interestingly, were it not for the pandemic, Christian and Sammi would already be married.

Sammi Giancola looks psyched to be returning to MTV in this promotional photo. (MTV)

The couple delayed their wedding at least once because of Covid concerns, and now, it seems that move might have spared them a messy divorce.

So Sammi and Christian might be the only people on the planet who are grateful that the global population was forced indoors for 15 months.

Otherwise, Giancola and Biscardi’s first order of business after getting vaccinated might have been heading to court to end their marriage.

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Of course, Sammi will likely always be associated with Ronnie Magro in the minds of Jersey Shore fans.

The former couple’s tumultuous relationship provided some of the most memorable drama during Shore’s original run.

These days, Magro is still making headlines because of his tempestuous personal life.

Ronnie wants back on Jersey Shore full-time, as of September 2023. We wonder if this will happen. (MTV)

Back in April Ronnie was arrested in Los Angeles on domestic violence charges.

It was his second such arrest in the span of two years, and he was on probation at the time of the most recent incident.

For a while, it looked as though he would be headed to prison, but we now know that Magro will not be charged with felony domestic assault due to a lack of evidence (the alleged victim has declined to testify).

So once again, Ron will probably avoid prison, but we’re guessing Sammi remains quite confident in her decision to part ways with the guy.

From the sound of it, her breakup with Christian may have gotten rather ugly.

But it’s still nothing compared to the endless drama she endured with Ron.