Khloe Kardashian to Tristan's Alleged Baby Mama: Listen Bish, at This Point ...

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From the beginning of her time in the spotlight, Khloe Kardashian has been open about her desire for a traditional family.

And with Tristan Thompson, it looked as though she might have finally found what she was looking for.

When the fans learned that Khloe was pregnant with Tristan's baby back in 2017, they were overjoyed.

The Thompsons

Unfortunately, in the years since, Khloe's relationship with Tristan has consisted of one trauma after another.

Despite the fact that Tristan has been caught cheating on Khloe several times already, it seems that no lessons were learned on those occasions.

By all accounts, Tristan continued to mess around.

Khloe Kardashian Photoshopped

Or at least that's the claim being made by Kimberly Alexander, the woman who claims that Tristan is the father of her child.

Yes, Kimberly has joined Sydney Chase (below) in claiming that Tristan got her pregnant.

If she's telling the truth, well ...

Chase, Sydney Pic

It might be time to consider the possibility that Tristan deserves a place alongside Wilt Chamberlain as one of the NBA's two most active off-court players.

Anyway, Kimberly (below) is a model who goes by the name Kim Cakery on Instagram.

And it seems that she's hoping the 'Gram will make her rich in more ways than one.

Kim Cakery on Instagram

Earlier this week, Kim posted screenshots of her inbox in an attempt to prove that she and Khloe have been in communicationregarding the Tristan situation.

But those who are familiar with the situation say that the pics are bogus.

Khloe has not been messaging with Ms. Cakery, according to her kamp.

Khloe & Kim

"Kimberly's doctored it to make it look like Khloe DM’d her, but Khloe never did," one source says.

"In fact, she has been messaging Khloe," the insider adds.

"Khloe has not been responding to recent DMs and tags by Kimberly."

Khloe & Kim 2

That claim is corroborated by a new report from the Daily Mail, which published a screenshot from Kimberly's inbox that tells a very different story.

In this version, see Kimberly threatening Khloe with the release of a sex tape, blowing her up with messages, and tagging her in Stories.

Khloe and Tristan were already suing Kimberly for $100,000 for defamation, and that figure could increase.

Khloe Bikini Pic

Khloe's attorney, Lynda Goldman, has issued a cease and desist, warning the model to stop with the shenanigans.

"You put words in her mouth that she never said and that she wouldn’t say," Goldman wrote in a court filing.

"You faked the whole thing. And you have now publicly admitted it."

Tristan Thompson Gets that It's Awkward

Goldman claims that Kimberly has been making these claims for years, even though the matter was settled when Tristan took a paternity test when his alleged love child was seven.

Kimberly says the results of the test are bogus, as it took place at a “Kardashian affiliated facility.”

Smirking at Khloe

"It is no such thing," Goldman claimed.

"It is one of the most reputable labs in the country, and your own lawyers approved it and accepted the test results."

Thus far, Cakery has been quiet about the cease and desist, and we're sure Khloe is hoping she'll simply go away.

Khloe Kardashian Discusses Surrogacy Worries

Wishful thinking.

And even if Kim has been defeated, there's still the matter of Sydney for Tristan to work out.

And something tells us that if Khloe marries Tristan, she's in for a lifetime of these allegations.

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