Pauly D: Is He ACTUALLY Engaged to Nikki Hall?

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Last week's Jersey Shore season premiere was titled "Ummm...Hello! 2021."

And Angelina Pivarnick's shrill catchphrase might describe how many fans were feeling after watching the episode's final scene.

To be perfectly frank, most of the premiere was pretty slow, and the revelations about Angelina's non-existent sex life provided bulk of the laughs.

But the final scene featured what might be the most bonkers cliffhanger in Shore history.

Pauly D and Nikki Hall Pic

The scene showed Pauly and Nikki celebrating their anniversary together.

Obviously, the couple's options were limited due to the Covid-19 pandemic, but Pauly was determined to show Nikki a good time regardless.

He took her out to his putting green, and she seemed as confused as everyone who was watching at home.

Pauly and Nikki on the Green

But then came the moment we've all been waiting for.

Pauly dropped to one knee and removed a Tiffany's box from his back pocket.

"She deserves a nice anniversary and I'm ready for this next level," he said in a confessional segment.

Pauly Proposes

"Baby, you make my heart go putt putt," Pauly told Nikki, seizing the opportunity to drop a hilariously cringe-worthy pun.

"You are my best friend. You have my heart. And I have an important question to ask you," he continued.

After a suitably dramatic pause, Pauly popped the question ... kind of.

Nikki Hall and Pauly D Photo

"Will you ... accept this ring?" he asked.

"Oh, my God. Are you serious?" Nikki replied just as the show ended.

Okay, so he didn't actually propose.

Pauly D, Girlfriend

But surely, Pauly wouldn't be such a d-bag as to get on one knee and bust out a ring without asking her to marry him ... right?

The dude is famous for his pranks, but that would definitely be taking it several steps too far.

Rumors that Pauly and Nikki are engaged bave been circulating for months now, but neither party has confirmed or denied the reports.

Nikki Hall Kisses Pauly D

Are they just keeping things under wraps for the sake of this cliffhanger?

It's possible that these two are just dating, but given how intense their relationship has been thus far, that seems sort of unlikely.

As you may recall Nikki was one of the original contestants on A Double Shot at Love With Vinny and Pauly.

But Not for Vinny and Pauly D

She made it all the way to the end of the season but no relationship developed after filming had wrapped.

She was brought back for the show's second season, which was like a weird Jersey Shore-dating show hybrid.

This time, Nikki and Pauly got off to a rocky start, but eventually a real relationship developed.

Pauly D Celebrate

They even made out in Pauly's DJ booth, which is the ultimate sign of commitment from Mr. Delvecchio.

Hopefully, all of our questions will be answered on Thursday's episode of Jersey Shore.

Because knowing Pauly, that rock he put on Nikki's hand was massive -- and she's probably sick of hiding it from the world.

Of course, knowing the guy's sense of humor, it's just as likely that he blessed her with a Ring Pop and a declaration that he's still the "prank war CHAMPION!" We'll find out!

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