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Trish isn’t the worst mother-in-law on 90 Day Fiance, or even the worst on this Happily Ever After? season.

But fans still blame Trish for a lot after watching her belittle, pressure, and insult Natalie Mordovtseva during their on-screen visit.

In fact, fans say that Trish did more than just play the role of "big bad mommy" during Natalie’s visit.

They’re accusing her of gaslighting Natalie, sending the already excitable woman into hysterics on purpose.

Trish Youngquist shares her concerns about Natalie not working

Trish’s first impression, on Season 8 of 90 Day Fiance, was mostly positive.

In fact, she and Natalie only seemed to clash when Natalie tried to police Mike’s eating.

Trish defended butter (and she was right), though of course that point was lost on Natalie.

Natalie Mordovtseva - try not to eat butter

Natalie has obviously disordered eating habits, likely orthorexia.

She is obsessed with food "purity" and seemed to want to force Mike to share her fixation.

Viewers did not fault Trish in the slightest for standing up for her son, even if some (mistakenly) questioned her defense of butter.

Natalie Mordovtseva - I hate butter

Trish was actually the one who told Mike to set an actual wedding date, as he should have done much earlier.

This was a great relief for Natalie, since Mike would not budge and refused to discuss it.

Trish’s common sense response made their storyline a little easier, for a time.

Mike Youngquist mom Trish admits she asked Tamara to object

However, behind the scenes, Trish eventually concluded that Natalie and Mike were not right for each other.

She was the one who talked Mike into calling off the wedding just hours before the nuptials were set to begin.

Natalie was devastated and realized that she had to travel internationally during a global pandemic lockdown.

Natalie Mordotseva - I have to leave the country

Trish did not stop there.

Mike and Natalie resolved to go forward with their wedding despite Natalie very nearly leaving the country in tears.

So Trish attempted to enlist Mike’s friend and neighbor to sabotage the nuptials a second time.

Natalie Mordovtseva in white summer dress with neighbor Tamara

Trish asked Tamara to stand up at Mike’s wedding and object to the union.

This largely symbolic gesture can only pause a ceremony if the person has a legally valid reason.

However, it is extremely disrespectful to object at a wedding, and Tamara declined.

Natalie Mordovtseva - your mom might not like me

That was all during Season 8 and the Tell All.

On Season 6 of Happily Ever After?, Trish leaned more heavily into her villain role.

Natalie was nervous to visit her for her very first Thanksgiving … and she was right.

Massive Piggy Bank Collection By Trish

Trish’s collection of piggy banks was eyebrow-raising to say the least.

Despite what looked like a horror movie set, Natalie was fairly polite.

She minced her words, even when speaking to the confessional camera.

Natalie Mordovtseva - her house is full of piggy banks

The ominous chorus of all-seeing, all-judging piggy banks was not the problem at Trish’s house.

Trish was.

In fact, almost immediately, she began to push Natalie and Mike for grandchildren.

Trish shows Mike Youngquist the antique crib

Trish showed off an antique crib, clearly pushing for grandbabies.

She also negged Natalie about her age, noting that the clock was ticking for her and Mike to have children.

Natalie was bewildered that the woman who didn’t want her for a daughter-in-law was also pressuring her for grandkids.

More than once, Trish brought up her idea of Natalie using her knowledge of English and Russian to become an interpreter.

Natalie declined, reminding her that she already has a career as a journalist and actress and wishes to pursue that.

Unfortunately, Trish did not stop bringing it up, even doubling down on the idea in their heated confrontation before Natalie left.

Trish still unsure how she offended Natalie

Natalie accused Trish of calling her a "hooker," which is a derogatory term for a sex worker.

Mike strongly denied that his mother said that, and many fans believe that Natalie misheard Trish.

Whatever it was, it either happened off camera, or happened on camera and production chose to exclude the footage for their own reasons.

Natalie Mordovtseva - she called me hooker, your mom

Trish and Mike also pranked Natalie by bringing her to a butcher shop.

Natalie is a "vegetarian" (actually a pescatarian, as she eats fish).

Tricking her into entering a butcher shop wasn’t cruel, but was just weird and pointless.

HEA 6x06 preview - Natalie Mordovtseva flees the butcher shop

Even before Natalie’s arrival, Trish was making a big deal about how Natalie doesn’t eat poultry.

At one point, she said that they could just feed Natalie some venomous snakes.

She was joking, but it’s not a kind joke to make about your daughter-in-law.

Trish to Mike Youngquist - get a water moccasin out of it

When Natalie left the house to go sulk in the car, Trish claimed to have no idea why she was upset.

Many fans suspect that Trish knew exactly what she was doing to offend Natalie.

And they think that she may have called Natalie a "hooker," too, while she was at it.

Trish offers Natalie Mordovtseva a scarf

"If the term ‘gaslighting’ had a face," quipped one Reddit user.

"The scarf really adds some panache to her evil villain vibe," another observed.

Another comment reads: "She really does have wicked stepmother (in this case in-law) energy!" 

Trish wonders what she said or did to upset her DIL

"F–k Trish. Feigning ignorance is part of gaslighting," wrote another.

Now, gaslighting means manipulating someone to doubt their own experiences or believe that they are losing their minds.

That’s not what Trish has been shown doing. Words mean things.

Trish - I'm the big bad mommy

However, a lot of people have used the term to refer to elaborate lying and manipulation.

It does appear that Trish was taking digs at Natalie, both for fun and to try to pressure her to do what she wanted.

That’s not gaslighting, but it’s also not decent behavior. Natalie has flaws, but she doesn’t deserve this treatment.