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Zach and Tori Roloff star on Little People, Big World.

But they have a huge decision to make in the somewhat near future.

The couple’s dilemma came into sharp focus on Tuesday night, too, as Zach and Tori spent more of the latest episode of this TLC reality show discussing theirr living situation.

Will it remain status quo?

Tori Roloff on an Episode

Or might they really move to Roloff Farms and take over the family business?

The topic was broached this week because, on an installment filmed many months ago, the property’s very popular pumpkin season had just come to an end.

"What was your favorite part of pumpkin season?" Tori asked her four-year old son, Jackson, at one point, prompting the following response:

"Teeter! Teeter’s my friend."

Roloff Promo Pic

Who’s that now?!?

"Teeter is Jackson’s pet chicken," Tori explained to the cameras, noting that Jackson (adorably!) calls all five of their chickens by the same name. 

Tori then asked her oldest child what he likes to do on the farm.

"I feed chickens, then a goat. Chickens then goat! Then put chickens back in the coop," he replied.

Translation? This kid loves life on the farm!

Photo via Instagram

Tori and Zach later discussed how well pumpkin season went in 2020, despite the COVID-related restrictions that had to be put in place.

The father of two, however, did come off as a bit critial of his dad, though, who made  a few major changes this past October.

"I don’t want to make pumpkin season too big," Zach said on air, adding of his dad:

"He had some ideas at the very end that I’m like ‘hold on here.’ He wants to do this big expansion but if you expand you can never go back."

Roloff Family Portrait

Matt Roloff, of course, is now the farm’s sole owner.

He bought out his ex-wife just about a year ago and recently said he has no plans to immediately retire.

But he will step aside at some juncture and, once he does, the future of Roloff Farms is remains a gigantic unknown right now.

Zach has expressed an interest in taking it over, however.

Pumpkin Season Time!!
Photo via Instagram

"I think that Zach has really stepped up to the plate this year, I think that he’s taken more of an interest in pumpkin season, the farm – everything," Tori said in a confessional on Tuesday night, continuing:

"There’s moments that Zach definitely could have done more but it’s hard when Matt is very controlling of pumpkin season and what happens during pumpkin season.

"But I think Zach needs to learn how to interject himself into pumpkin season and Matt needs to learn how to ask Zach to come help with pumpkin season.

"They have to find a balance between the two of them."

Tori and Zach for TLC


Especially if Zach is being groomed as the next owner.

Is Tori on board with this plan?

She may may need to be hard sold by her husband.

Roloffs at Farm
Photo via Instagram

"Are you over moving to the farm after pumpkin season or are you still into it?" Tori asked on Tuesday, with no response from Zach.

"I mean our house is very nice, I really like our house," she added.

The episode wrapped up with no conclusion reached on the pressing matter.

The couple will likely address it again on future episodes, but we can issue a SPOILER ALERT for viewers right now and say that, all these months after shooting on Season 22 ended… Zach and Tori haven’t gone anywhere.