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You won’t believe this, but Kody Brown appears to once again have made a poor financial decision.

Oh, what’s that?

You do believe it?

Yeah. We shouldd have figured you would at this point.

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According to The Sun, the Sister Wives lead owes $1,058.31 in property taxes on the Arizona home he shares with fourth wife Robyn, which is one of two houses he owns in the state.

Kody and his spouses are renting to other residents in the area as well.

Based on Arizona court records, Kody has missed two tax bills on the Robyn house, which boasts five bedrooms and which the polarizing TLC personality purchased in August 2019 for $890,000.

On its own, the amount Kody owes here isn’t all that much.

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But we’ve been here before, as long-time Sister Wives viewers know well.

Last year’s season of this veteran reality show, for example, centered on the family’s gestating financial troubles, most of which can be tied to Kody’s decision to buy a massive piece of land at a place called Coyote Pass.

He had grand plans to build either one huge mansion on this lost or four separate homes, one for each spouses.

At last check, though, Coyote Pass remains barren.

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There has been no progress made on the build and, as a consequence, this can only be seen at the moment as a gigantic sunk cost.

Because the Browns can’t live on the property, meanwhile, Kody has been forced to buy and rent all these other houses — which has been a huge source of tension between him and his sister wives.

At one point in late 2019, Kody threatened to "dissolve" his marriage to his youngest wife because the house he and Robyn had been renting got sold and he wanted them to purchase a brand new one.

Robyn tried to put her foot down and act responsibily.

But she relented after Kody made the aforementioned threat.

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On the most recent season of Sister Wives, the family struggled living in four different homes, miles apart, during a pandemic.

Janelle said the family dynamic “worried” her, while Robyn commented “we’re really acting like four separate families.”

The women pushed Kody to begin building on the four parcels of land that comprise Coyote Pass.

Howeverr, their husband insisted that, just because it may look like they’re rich on the outside, this "doesn’t mean we have money.”

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In related financial and real estate news, the home Janelle had been renting for over a year was also sold last week.

She’ll now need to seek out a new residence.

How willl she do so? Who will pay for it?

And why don’t these women just leave a loser such as Kody?

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Those are all questions we can’t answer right now.

We really wish we could.