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You may wanna close your ears right about now, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar.

Go ahead and turn off your computer.

Take a walk or something, okay?

Because one of your daughters is about to give readers an intimate look at her life behind closed bedroom doors.

A Duggar in Love

Jill Duggar, of course, probably doesn’t care about her parents’ feelings or reaction right about now.

She’s admittedly not very close to her mother and father, not after having had a number of revelations about how she was raised over the past several months.

“There’s been some distancing there,” Jill confessed in on YouTube in October, adding of her famous parents, brothers and sisters:

"We’ve had some disagreements, but we’re working towards healing definitely and restoration, but we’re having to kind of just take some time and heal."

Jill Duggar and Derick: A Photo
Photo via Instagram

For quite a long while before Jill made this confession, her husband, Derick, has trashed the heck out of his own father-in-law, even alleging that Jim Bob has stolen a lot of money from his kids.

Free from the shackles of her controlling family, meanwhile, Jill has been going sort of nuts.

She’s been drinking alcohol. She’s been wearing pants.

And she’s been talking about sex… A LOT.

Jill Duggar at a Meal

Jill has managed to broach this very intimate subject on numerous occasions, admitting at one point, for example, that she reads tha Kama Sutra.

At another point, Jill and Derick bragged about having gone at it FOUR times in one day.

Therre was also the time Jill offered advice to followers on what sexual positions they may wanna try.

This mother of two is not shy, that’s for certaiin.

Photo via Instagram

Now, Jill is once again here to make this same point.

The 30-year-old former reality star, who shares two sons with Derick, Liked a sort of crude and sort of funny social media post a few days ago about the best way to have intercourse after also having had kids.

It came from HonestlyMommy, an Instagrammer focused on mental health and being a parent, and it was shared in honor of National Sex Day.

“Lube is the key to having sex with your spouse after you have children," reads a sign being held up by this user and her husband.

How personal and risque, right?!?

Except the same meme then goes ahead and quips:

“…Put that stuff all over the doorknob and the kids can’t turn the knob to get in!”

HA! We actually did laugh out loud over that punchline.

Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard Celebrate

Duggar, however, wasn’t laughing during a recent interview after going on record with the pressure she faced from her parents to procreate.

"Growing up, it was ingrained in me that if you don’t have as many kids as you’re able to, that there’s something wrong with that," Jill told People Magazine.

"But there was a shift in me," she added.

Indeed, Jill finally revealed here that her parents really do tell the female members of their family that they’re basically nothing more than baby-making machines.

Jill Duggar Squints in the Garden

Thankfully, Jill eventually realized she can think for herself.

And she emphasized the aforementioned shift, which made her conclude "it wasn’t wrong if you decide as a couple that it’s best for you to wait [to have more kids]."

And in the meantime? While you wait?

Break out the lube and have some fun!