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We’ve got a Molly Roloff sighting, people.

And, along with it, perhaps a number of questions that pertain to Little People, Big World.

Over this past weekend, the only daughter of Amy and Matt Roloff spent some time with her brother, Zach, and sister-in-law, Tori.

The group, which included Molly’s husband, Joel, were at Stoller Family Estate vineyard in Portland, Oregon on Saturday, enjoying a "PERFECT Afternoon," as Tori dubbed it on Instagram.

Tori, Zach Molly and Joel

As you can see, the two women featured here were holding wine glasses, implying they were imbibing some alcohol and also therefore implying that Tori is not yet pregnant with her third child.

There had recently been some chatter to the contrary.

So there’s an answer to a question that’s been floating around the Internet.

But Molly’s appearance here does raise at least one query to which we don’t yet have a response.

Roloff Promo Pic

The main topic of debate and interest on Little People, Big World of late has centered on the future of Roloff Farms.

Patriarch and sole owner Matt has said he has no plans to retire any time in the near future — but he will retire at some point, almost definitely to Arizona, and no one knows who will take over the business.

Zach took his parents by surprise a short while back when he expressed interest in moving on the property.

"One thing Tori and me talked about, we’ve talked about maybe we can move in here," Zach said last year, catching him mom off guard at the time.

"Maybe we can be the ones that take over the farm, buy the place."

Roloff Family Portrait

No decision has been made, as far as we know, in regard to who will buy the farm frrom Matt.

But some observers think that Zach and Tori are drinking here with Molly for one of two reasons:

  1. She’s helping them celebrate the purchase.
  2. She’s in discussions with her loved ones to purchase the property along with Zach and Tori.

To be clear, we can’t verify either of these theories. This is just what some folks out there are saying.

Pumpkin Season Time!!
Photo via Instagram

Joel and Molly reside in Spokane, Washington.

The latter moved there years ago, after getting married in August 2017, and has never seemed interest in fame, fortune or being in the spotlight.

She gets along perfectly well with her well-known family members, but has no plans to appear again on Little People, Big World.

Such a stance doesn’t take her out of the running for co-owning Roloff Farms, but she does seem as if she’s an unlikely candidate for that position.

Happy Birthday to Us!
Photo via Instagram

In June of 2020, Molly’s mom, Amy Roloff, visited her daughter on a road trip from Washington, sharing moments of their relaxing weekend together online.

"Love my family.. I’m so glad I took a road trip to Spokane last weekend to hang out with my daughter Molly and SIL Joel," wrote Amy as a caption on Instagram, adding at the time:

"The best time. I had a blast- went on walks, played games, ate, made bread with Molly and just hang out with them."