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90 Day Fiance fans have been increasingly alarmed by Angela Deem’s toxic, abusive behavior.

But what we see on-screen may pale in comparison to the "real" Angela when cameras aren’t rolling.

Infamously, Angela’s daughter Scottie Deem was sentenced to prison after sexually abusing a minor.

A disturbing new allegation claims that Angela was an accomplice in her daughter’s crimes.

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On screen, viewers have seen Angela scream and yell like some sort of feral, rampaging beast.

The verbal and emotional abuse that she has inflicted upon her husband, Michael Ilesanmi, is inexcusable.

But this claim may be even worse.

Scottie Deem
Photo via TLC

According to the description that the victim’s grandmother gave to police, Scottie was also cheating … not that that matters in the grand scheme.

Allegedly, she had her victim at her home while her boyfriend was out of town.

Inviting him over and then sexually preying upon him allegedly happened two or three times in 2017.

Angela Deem is Silently Furious

In 2019, Scottie Deem reached a plea deal and was sentenced to 20 years in prison for preying upon a minor.

It was quickly reported that she would be released on parole after just a few years of good behavior.

As things worked out, Scottie was released on May 6 of 2020 amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

Angela Deem Smiles With Her Hair Up

Scottie was indicted in September of 2018.

The charges were of statutory rape and one count of aggravated child molestation.

Scottie also faced eleven counts of child molestation.

Scottie Deem selfie

All of these charges stemmed from a series of incidents with a juvenile boy in 2017.

Stunningly, her parole date was reported to have ended at the end of January of this year.

The court system so quickly forgetting about Scottie and her potential danger to the community is … grimly no surprise.

Angela Deem is Shocked to Her Core
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Just days ago, 90 Day Fiance blogger That Mommy Says Bad Words received a report.

A man who is based in South Georgia who was allegedly friends with the victim at the time volunteered some information.

According to him, he and other friends would go over to Scottie’s place to party even though Scottie was married and a mother.

Angela Deem Packs Her Bags

This guy claimed that Scottie had been involved with her victim for three years, beginning when he was only thirteen.

Apparently this continued until he was sixteen.

If this is true, that means that things extended well beyond what the victim’s grandmother first reported in 2017.

Scottie Deem, 90 Day Fiance still

The boy reportedly dropped out of high school around the age of 15 or 16.

According to this informant, people would continue to party — sometimes at Angela’s home.

There, it is claimed that Angela was — ableit indirectly — "supplying everybody with booze."

Angela Deem blames her husband; is smoking a pack a day

Apparently Scottie divorced her husband and moved into Angela’s house with her children around this time.

"Angela would buy the beer but not tell them that it was for them," the informant described.

He charaacterized that she would "put it in the refrigerator and walk away."

Angela Deem is still smoking 10 cigarettes per day (probably more)

Apparently Angela took custody of Scottie’s children before her conviction.

Additionally, he described how Angela would find excuses to take all of the grandchildren out of the house.

During those times, he claimed, Scottie would be "running wild with the little boy."

Obviously, these claims are not and likely cannot be verified.

They are evidence — any verbal statement can be evidence — but not proof.

And they obviously come indirectly, secondhand or thirdhand.

Angela Deem berates and insults Michael

However, some of those details do seem to fit.

Other aspects of the alleged timeline are questionable.

It would be interesting to hear what Angela would say if confronted about this, but one can only imagine her yelling.