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Married at First Sight Season 12 has come to an end.

The Lifetime reality show aired its annual reunion special on Wednesday night, featuring all five featured couples on stage and asking them all a pretty basic question:

Was it a happy ending?

Are they still together?


We’ll start with Paige and Chris.

“I had a wedding and a funeral the same day,” Paige explained to host Kevin Frazier, admitting that she second-guessed her decision to call off her nuptials at the last second.

However, after thinking it through, she said that she needed to end the relationship for her own emotional health.

Good for her, right???

Photo via Lifetime

Things got ugly between these two, however.

Chris confessed to being “disgusted” by his behavior and apologized to Paige’s family.

But… he then refused to answer some questions … including whether or not he was still in love with his ex-fiancée Mercedes and whether she’s stil driving the car he purchased for her.

Ultimately, Chris acted like a baby and stormed out of the reunion after getting into an argument with Pastor Dwight.

What about Vincent and Briana?

The stars acknowledged they’re currently living together at the former’s place and even have plans to buy a condominium.

Moreover, he has continued to wine and dine Briana, bringing home wine or flowers on the reg.

Briana also admitted that she has baby fever, but he’s not quite there. Not yet at least.

“Whatever happens, happens,” she said about starting a family.

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Et tu, Ryan and Clara?

Yes, they are still together.

Yes, they are planning to have another wedding.

But, no, he still hadn’t said “I love you” to her … until the reunion.

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“I think that I’ve known it based on his actions,” she said. “It’s not super big, romantic gestures. … It’s the little things.”

During the season, Clara was outspoken about wanting to have intercourse with her husband, but he wasn’t prepared to go all the way with his alleged soulmate.

On the reunion special, they played coy about whether they had slept together yet.

Which pretty much means they have, right?

Photo via Lifetime

We’ll close with an update on Erik and Virginia.

After proposing yet again on Decision Day, the couple looked happier than ever at the reunion, with Virginia noting that the two have “a very healthy amount of disagreements” and are still learning the best way to communicate.

They’re residing in the condo together with her cats, even though Erik says he’s allergic. That’s gotta be some sign of true love, you know?

He also admitted that he’s learned a lot from the protective — and sometimes controlling — way he came off during the season.

Part 2 of the Married at First Sight reunion airs on Lifetime Wednesday, May 26, at 8/7c.

On that episode, we’ll learn a lot more about Haley and Jacob, who haven’t talked since  Decision Day.

“He blocked me on everything,” Haley shared with Frazier, adding of their honeymoon hookup:

We didn’t connect. I was trying to find an emotional connection; I was trying to find a physical connection. My last straw was the physical connection.

"When that didn’t work, I was like, ’Alright, where do we go from here?’"