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There were people who had some weird opinions about Rebecca Parrott’s weight loss surgery.

Rebecca made a solid case in her own defense at the time.

Now, she has undergone further weight loss work, and she is really feeling the difference.

In fact, the 90 Day Fiance fan favorite shared that she actually cried with happiness.

Photo via Instagram

Rebecca Parrott took to Instagram to show a photo of her current figure.

She looks gorgeous — as always — and conspicuously slender.

Right now, she looks even more slim than she did at the Tell All, and she’s wildly happy about it.

"I just want to share with y’all how I’m feeling right now," Rebecca’s caption began.

She shared: "This is an outfit I bought from @fashionnova before I had my last procedure at @sonobello."

Don’t worry — she absolutely acknowledged that she is partnered with sonobello; she’s not trying to trick her fans.

"It’s an outfit I wouldn’t have even dared look at a year ago," Rebecca admitted.

"And while I’m still healing from my latest procedure, and have a lot of swelling," she acknowledged.

Rebecca wrote: "I thought I’d try it."

"Y’all I’m crying," Rebecca expressed with cathartic joy.

"Not only does it fit, but it’s at least a size too big," she revealed.

"It’s hard to see here, but it’s supposed to be completely fitted," Rebecca explained.

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"And," Rebecca pointed out, "it’s wrinkled up with room to spare!!"

She gushed: "I have never felt so good about my body."

Happily, Rebecca wrote: "I can’t wait to see what I look like in a few months when I’m healed up."

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"And I’m not wearing any kind of compression or spanx under this," Rebecca shared.

"It’s just me!" she emphasized.

"For those of you who will still say negative things, I could not care less," Rebecca noted.

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"You can’t bring me down," Rebecca assured her haters.

"This isn’t me trying to push any kind of procedure on anyone," she assured her followers.

Rebecca concluded her happy post: "This is just me, sharing how incredible I feel. "

Castmates like Ashley Martson and Natalie Mordovtseva showered Rebecca with praise in the comments.

She has come a long way in her romance and on her weight loss journey.

Fans are understandably overjoyed for her.

Rebecca Parrott in cinderella carriage

Of course, some naysayers decided to cast doubt on her triumph.

One commenter shaded that the wall behind her was "curved," accusing her of photoshop.

Rebecca ignored the troll, but … buddy, that’s not a wall, that’s a cloth or vinyl backdrop. It just looks like that.

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There was of course a time when Rebecca was the queen of filters.

It became something of a running joke among fans and even in her relationship.

Clearly, her days of editing her appearance in photos are over — because she’s happy with how she looks.

Julia Trubkina - this is not natural for body

Julia Trubkina showed fans a hint of her dark side at the Tell All several weeks ago when she criticized Rebecca’s surgery.

In reality, we all know that the science behind diet and exercise as a source of genuine long-term weight loss is sorely lacking.

Medical solutions such a surgery (especially Rebecca’s non-invasive procedure) are a perfectly valid option for anyone who wants them.