Yara Zaya, Rebecca Parrott Clash with Julia Trubkina Over Plastic Surgery on 90 Day Fiance Tell All

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Among many other topics at the 90 Day Fiance Season 8 Tell All Part 1, Shaun addressed Rebecca's looks.

Rebecca had undergone some cosmetic work between the filming of the season and the Tell All.

This prompted a discussion of Yara and Natalie and their histories (and aspirations) for their looks.

Even Zied weighed in. But Julia had her lowest moment of the season.

Rebecca Parrott discusses cosmetic procedures

Rebecca Parrott was once known as the "filter queen" for over-editing her looks on social media.

She has come a long way since then, and since Season 8 filmed.

Though she has always been a beautiful woman, she looked different at the Tell All.

Rebecca Parrott shows off new face

Rebecca was happy to discuss the work that she has undergone.

"I actually got Dysport, which is the same as Botox, and lip injections," she detailed.

Rebecca explained: "It was a 50th birthday gift to myself."

Rebecca Parrott shows off weight loss (down two pants sizes)

Rebecca also showed off her trimmer figure, which she promises is just the beginning.

She shared that she has gone down two pants sizes and intends to lose more weight.

Rebecca was showered with well-deserved compliments, including from Natalie.

Natalie Mordovtseva - my nose, I want to do my nose

Natalie praised Rebecca's lips, noting that her own experiment with fillers almost literally blew up in her face.

After Yara shared that she had received surgery for her "potato nose," as she called it, Natalie chimed in.

Natalie expressed a desire to "fix" her nose.

Castmates quickly encouraged Natalie to do whatever she wants.

However, they all stressed to her that she looks absolutely beautiful -- nose included.

Tell Alls are contentious affairs by design, so it was great to see such solidarity.

Yara Zaya - there is nothing wrong to do with surgery

Yara -- who has been one of the most relatable, likeable stars all season -- spoke strongly on this topic.

She stressed that loving yourself is good, but that doesn't mean that you can't change things.

Yara explained that it all boils down to what a person will or will not accept, and whether they can fix it.

Julia Trubkina - if you want look better just go gym club

Julia had a great run this season and built a lot of goodwill ... only to squander some of it during this scene.

Echoing a red flag sentiment that she expressed way back in episode 2, Julia suggested that exercise was the solution.

She clearly disapproved of comestic procedures, not merely due to her beliefs but due to outright ignorance.

Julia Trubkina - people just like more lazy

As was immediately pointed out to her, exercise is not a magical solution for everyone.

It cannot cure wrinkles, remove excess skin, or cause lips to plump themselves up.

What's more, of course, is that diet and exercise -- though good for many reasons -- are not magical keys to long-term weight loss.

Julia Trubkina - this is crazy people

As Yara and Natalie both told Julia, there are situations where the human body will retain weight despite exercise.

That doesn't mean that it's not good for people, just that it's not going to impact their weight.

Julia is young and clearly has a very fortunate natural build, which makes it easy for her to perceive that there's "no need" for surgery.

Julia Trubkina - I say it's my opinion

Julia did, as you can see in the clip that we have included in this post, get called out.

Though she and Yara had built up a friendship over social media, they clashed on this.

Yara very correctly noted that Julia was wrong and that other people's bodies weren't her business.

Yara Zaya - your opinion sounds like judgment

Truth be told, it seems that Julia -- despite her many good qualities -- has some underlying hangups about medical solutions.

Remember, she also avoids any form of birth control out of fear of negative effects.

She has every right to make her own choices for her body, but her fixation on what is pure and natural does her a disservice.

Zied Hakimi - maybe I do this too

Zied later said, and it's unclear if he was truly joking or not, that he may get weight loss work.

He exercises, but he joked that he's unwilling to stop eating pizza.

Despite how Yara had just clapped back at Julia, she once again expressed dismay.

Julia Trubkina - this is not natural for body

Hopefully, with time and education, Julia will understand why in many cases, surgery is the only viable solution.

It was still fascinating for the rest of us to get this insight into a very frank discussion of the stars and how they've changed their bodies.

For now, it seemed focused on the women. Maybe at a future Tell All, we'll hear from men who have had work done?

Julia Trubkina and Brandon Gibbs at the Beach

Meanwhile, on social media, Julia expressed the hope that rumors that she's had work done are now quashed.

They are, but fans hope that she will learn and grow.

Specifically, learn more about the human body and grow out of this judgmental attitude.

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