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Khloe Kardashian did not immediately issue a public response to the allegations that Tristan Thompson cheated again.

Instead, Khloe made her feelings clear in other ways that nonetheless got the message across.

Now, she’s making things even more obvious while icing out Tristan.

Her new photos speak loud and clear.

Khloe Kardashian is Visibly Ringless

On the surface, Khloe’s gorgeous set of new pics isn’t about her cheating baby daddy at all.

"147 million babes!! Wow!" she captioned about her follower count milestone.

Khloe then gushed: "Thank you! What’s up guys?"

Photo via Instagram

What is up is a series of gorgeous photos of Khloe.

She is sporting super long nails and her legendary figure in a series of pics.

Fans had a lot to say in the comments … and not everyone caught the important detail.

Photo via Instagram

Many fans praised Khloe’s look. Her body, her face, her hair.

They are genuinely great photos of her and she looks stylish, without being over-the-top.

Some might say that her nails look like part of a Halloween costume, but hey, Khloe should do what Khloe wants with Khloe’s hands, you know?

Photo via E!

Of course, amidst the clamour of praise for Khloe and her looks, there were criticisms.

People noted how her neck and arms and face were not exactly the same shade of skin tone, or even close.

The Kardashians are notorious for tweaking their skin tone using tanning and makeup, so that’s nothing new.

Photo via E!

All of these sort of missed the big point.

Because do you see a conspicuous diamond ring on Khloe’s ring finger?

No. No you do not. Or, if you do, you might need an eye exam.

Photo via Instagram

Prior to Tristan’s latest scandal, Khloe was spotted wearing a very distinct ring on her ring finger.

(The ring that you see in the photo is on her index finger)

It was enough to spark engagement rumors about her and Tristan.

Smirking at Khloe
Photo via E!

Keep in mind that Khloe has been puzzlingly secretive about things over the past year or so.

First, she kept her reconciliation with Tristan under wraps until their obvious Instagram comment gushing gave them away.

In fact, the way that she played games about her status with Tristan likely made it easier for him to lie to women like Sydney Chase about being single.

Khloe Kardashian Needs to Change Things
Photo via E!

So Khloe never explained the ring, or officially confirmed that it was related to Tristan.

For that matter, she hasn’t publicly spoken about her feelings about Tristan.

Many theorize that she’s tired of receiving backlash when she makes terrible romantic decisions.

The Thompsons

It had already been reported by multiple outlets that Khloe has, in recent weeks, been spotted without that ring.

The absence of the ring seems to have begun right after Sydney accused Tristan of boning her with his "peek-a-boo dick."

Khloe is sending a message — and it’s not just for Tristan.

Photo via Instagram

Khloe could post older photos if she wanted. She could hide her hands entirely.

For that matter, she could go a few weeks without new pics of her — even if it would be weird for fans and for her brand.

Instead, she’s still posting away … and flashing her hands, letting the world know that the ring that she had been wearing is absent.

Khloe Kardashian Halloween Photo
Photo via Instagram

We can only speculate as to what is going through Khloe’s mind right now.

Is she still uncertain about Tristan’s fidelity (this time)?

Or has she accepted that he cheated and is planning her next step?

Photo via E!

Fans worry, very naturally, that Khloe might get conclusive proof that Tristan cheated but then get back with hiim.

That wouldn’t be shocking. She’s done it at least twice so far, and those are just the times that we know about.

Maybe Khloe will never comment on this — hoping that fans won’t make a fuss if she repeats the same old mistake.