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Khloe Kardashian’s fans have been very justifiably tearing Tristan Thompson apart on Instagram.

Even if these latest cheating allegations don’t turn out to be true, his unfaithful history speaks for itself.

And that’s a pretty big if, by the way. And Khloe seems to know that.

Right now, it looks like her fury and anger are bleeding over onto Instagram, and it’s not subtle.

Smirking at Khloe
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Tristan’s third major cheating scandal is rocking Khloe’s world.

But Khloe has not actually gone public with any discussion of the accusation made by model Sydney Chase.

Even so, the tension is obvious to Khloe’s longtime fans and followers.

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Khloe and Tristan are infamous for being all lovey-dovey on Instagram.

They can’t help themselves.

In fact, this has been a sign of them getting back together in the past.

Khloe Kardashian Halloween Photo
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Generally, what will happen is that Khloe will post something — a selfie, an inspirational quote, whatever

Tristan will then gush obscenely in a reply to it with heart emojis.

Khloe then fires back. It’s either adorable or sickening or both, depending upon your point of view.

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Khloe posted a recent photo of their daughter, True.

True is now three years old (her birthday was over a month ago) and too cute for words.

Tristan certainly thought so, because he left a reply.

The Thompsons

Tristan commented with a pair of heart emojis, presumably one for Khloe and one for True.

Normally, this is when Khloe chimes in with her own display of affection in a mix of emojis and text.

Instead … crickets. We don’t mean cricket emojis, we mean total silence.

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This is not even the first recent incident like this.

Tristan also wished Khloe a happy Mother’s Day, in a very public Instagram post.

If Khloe responded to him, it was not public, because multiple outlets noted at the time that she said nothing.

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Khloe had previously been spotted wearing a ring.

Whether it was a gift, a promise ring, or an actual engagement ring is anyone’s guess.

But for the past few weeks, no one has spied it upon her finger. That is very telling.

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Sydney Chase accuses Tristan of having an affair with her.

According to her, Tristan claimed that he was single at the time.

Given how skittish Khloe was for a while about confirming or denying their relationship status, it would have been an easy lie.

Khloe and Tristan at Kim's Birthday
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Sydney said that she broke things off with Tristan after learning that he was with Khloe and had been the whole time.

Additionally, she shared public details, including describing Tristan’s penis.

She later apologized for making that personal information public, but has not retracted her story.

Cuddle for Khloe
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Sydney even says that she has evidence of this affair.

Presumably, if anything that she has said so far could have been disproven, Khloe would be unconcerned.

For example, if Tristan were a circumcision victim, Khloe would know that Sydney’s "peek-a-boo dick" description was a lie.

Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson on Halloween
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Instead, it appears that Khloe believes that it is at least possible that Tristan has once again cheated on her.

Truth be told, the public can only guess how many people Tristan has boned while he was supposed to be faithful to Khloe.

We may never know.

Khloe Has Lost It
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The one thing that we can all find out is whether or not this will finally be the final straw for Khloe.

How many times is she willing to let Tristan betray and humiliate her?

Only she can make that decision.