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Just last week, model Sydney Chase described an affair with Tristan Thompson, and spared no details.

She described how she broke it off the moment that she learned the NBA star lied about being single.

Sydney also got specific about Tristan, sexually, although she did sort of apologize for oversharing.

Now, she has revealed, his long-suffering baby mama Khloe Kardashian reached out to her!

Photo via Instagram

“Hey Sydney, this is Khloe…” reads a snippet from an apparent DM.

Sydney received and screenshotted the message, in part.

She shared a follow-up reading:

“I would appreciate if our conversation can remain confidential [prayer hands emoji].”

It appears that Sydney is honoring that request … at least in part. Obviously, she shared that Khloe reached out.

Across the screenshots of the alleged direct messages, she has edited out most of the content.

Of course, if Khloe meant to not reveal that she had reached out at all, that’s another story.

Photo via Instagram

Sydney posted and then quickly deleted the screenshots coming from Thompson’s alleged girlfriend.

But the Internet is forever, so they’re still up.

Whether that was her intention or she really wishes that she’d never shared them … who can say?

Photo via Instagram

Similarly, we have to emphasize that we cannot independently confirm that they are the real deal.

Instagram direct messages, text messages, tweets, article headlines, and more can all be faked.

Just look at this completely fabricated example for yourself:

Now imagine if someone spent more than a few seconds and tried to make a genuinely convincing message!

That said, we also have no reason whatsoever to suspect that Sydney Chase is dicking around here. (Sorry.)

While she clearly doesn’t mind sharing her business with the world, that doesn’t mean that she’s dishonest.

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When Sydney shared, just a week and a half ago, her allegations that Tristan had boned her, most believed her.

First of all, Tristan is a known cheater who boinked multiple women who were not Khloe over the past few years.

Second of all, Sydney’s story sounded incredibly plausible.

Photo via Instagram

Beyond the storied migration patterns of Tristan Thompson’s disloyal, itinerant penis, Sydney is all kinds of hot.

From Jordyn Woods to Sydney Chase and who knows who else, Tristan’s taste is consistent: his type is total knockouts.

Every now and then, there are celebrity side piece claims that sound fake.

This one simply does not.

Photo via Instagram

How much would you love to know what Khloe said to Sydney in their private direct messages on Instagram?

That’s gotta be awkward, don’t you think?

Hey, I know my boyfriend has been f–king you, but could you do me a favor and knock it off with the interviews?

Photo via Instagram

That’s just our speculation. We have no idea how that conversation went down, or who said what to whom.

Khloe’s sadly probably done this a bunch by now.

You almost have to respect Tristan’s dedication to cheating, knowing he’ll get caught and humiliate Khloe.

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As for why he keeps putting it to other women?

Apparently Khloe isn’t Tristan’s type.

He loves the status of being with her, and of course they have a lovely daughter. But that’s about it. When it comes to getting it in, he’s looking elsewhere these days. Maybe Khloe’s cool with it.

Who the heck knows.

Photo via Instagram

In any case, Sydney described, in her infamous, initial interview, how Tristan showed her his "peek-a-boo d–k."

As we noted at the time, this seems to be a reference to the basketball player having his foreskin.

Not as colorful an image as describing an "Ariana Grande sleeve" dong, but she still got the point across.

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It sounded like Sydney’s one sticking point was having been lied to. According to her, he told her that he was single and she initially believed him.

Dubious, some people felt. But maybe not.

Remember, not everyone follows Kardashian news closely, and for a while, Khloe was super (deliberately) vague about where they stood.

Sydney Chase Instagram Photo

According to Sydney, she first met Tristan in November of last year … and the last time that they spoke was just a few weeks ago.

That conversation, she said, was right after little True’s birthday party.

Sydney had broken things off, she alleged, upon discovering that Tristan and Khloe were still an item despite his prior claims.

Photo via Instagram

We don’t know if all of this is true, but many fans believe it.

It sounds like Khloe might believe her, too, though these half-snippets of DMs don’t tell us much, even if they’re real.

Sooner or later, Khloe should address all of this. But will she? That is unclear.