Jenelle Evans In Crisis Mode Over Ensley Abuse Scandal: Could She Be Facing Another CPS Investigation?

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Jenelle Evans is one of the only people on the planet who's such a bad mom that she became famous for it.

It's pretty much just Jenelle, Michelle Duggar, and Casey Anthony in that category.

Anyway, it can be tough to keep track of all of Jenelle's parenting scandals, so here's a quick recap of the latest trauma to take place on the The Land, a place where the children are treated only slightly better than the animals, who are literally tortured and killed for fun.

Evans, Eason, and Ensley

David Eason -- who spends his unemployed days lumbering around the property looking for defenseless creatures to terrorize -- was streaming video of freshly-hatched chicks on Instagram Live, when his 4-year-old daughter Ensley went off script and reminded everyone that he's a monster.

"Remember you killed the baby chicks?" Ensley asked David in the video.

"Don’t you do it again! Then I’ll be so mad," the traumatized child pleaded.

David, Ensley, a Chicken

"If you kill them again, I’ll be so mad!"

Eason denied killing the baby birds, saying:

"Girl, you have lost your mind. What are you talking about?" 

"Yesterday, you killed a baby chick," Ensley replied. "Because you did!"

David and Ensley Eason

"No, I did not! I will smack you in the mouth!" an enraged Eason screams at his daughter, who, we'll remind you again, is four years old.

Thankfully, someone screen-recorded that little exchange, otherwise David would have immediately deleted the latest evidence that he's a sadistic freak who should never be allowed within 100 yards of a child for as long as he lives.

Threatening violence because you're angry that someone accused you of violence is almost too ridiculous to believe, but it's important to bear in mind that Eason has about as much control over his emotions as the toddlers he terrorizes.

David Eason With a Gun

Now, it wasn't all that long ago that Jenelle and David had their kids taken away by CPS, and animal abuse allegations were at the center of that investigation, too.

(You may recall that David beat and killed the family dog in front of his kids. That was 500 scandals ago, but we're sure the kids will never forget!)

So not surprisingly, Evans is in damage control mode these days, and she's desperate to prove to the world that David is less psychotic than he appears.

David Eason with Ensley. On the Beach.

She recently posted the above photo of David and Ensley at the beach, along with some word salad about what a great dad Eason is.

"This picture explains a lot: The love for her dad is really big, she likes to build sandcastles with him, and the love for the beach," Evans wrote, doing her damnedest to string together a coherent sentence.

"No matter how badly you hate [David Eason], he’s the best father he could ever be," she added.

Jenelle With Ensley on Instagram

"Only if you knew us personally, maybe then you would agree, until then stop judging our lives because we’re doing just fine."

Okay, for one, Jenelle's instructions to stop judging her would carry a lot more weight if she weren't constantly judging/bullying/harassing other people.

On top of that, we don't need to know every single thing about someone in order to form an opinion of them.

Jenelle with David and Ensley

If Charles Manson were on Instagram, we're sure he'd be posting photos of himself holding kittens and getting vaccinated in order to convince us all he's a great guy.

But it wouldn't work because some things are so awful -- like, say, threatening to beat a four year old -- that it really doesn't matter how decent the perpetrator might be in other areas of his life.

As for David, he's set his Instagram to private and changed his bio to read, "Oh you know, just out here hunting baby chicks."

Does this guy want to lose his kids again?

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