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Angelina Pivarnick’s path to stardom has not been an easy one.

When Jersey Shore burst onto the scene and became an overnight pop culutural sensation, Angelina was there — but not for very long.

The Staten Island resident became something of a footnote in the show’s early days, as Pivarnick twice attempted to join her cast mates for a summer of shenanigans and twice went home in a huff.

Photo via Instagram

These days, needless to say, the situation is very different.

Not only has Angelina toughed it out and survived multiple seasons of Shore, she’s also become an unexpected fan favorite.

Pivarnick’s wedding has earned a spot as one of the show’s most notorious moments, and the majority of viewers sided with Angeliners in the feud that followed.

Angelina Pivarnick's Post-Surgery Bikini Selfie
Photo via Instagram

Nearly two years later, Snooki has quit the show, and Angelina has, in some ways, taken her place as the face of the franchise.

Of course, as a visit to Angelina’s Instagram page reminds us, she’s not just the face of Jersey Shore.

No, she’d prefer to represent with some of her more costly assets, as well.

Photo via Instagram

Yes, Angelina has had some work done, and she’s not shy about admitting it.

She’s also not shy about sharing her results with her 1.2 million Instagram followers.

That’s a far cry from the whopping 14 million that Snooki has amassed on the site, but insiders say Angelina looks at Snooki as something of a mentor, and her ultimate goal is to build a Snooki-esque business empire.

Angelina Pivarnick Poses For Instagram

And photos like this are sure to help Pivarnick build up the clout she’ll need in order to make that dream a reality.

Pivarnick has always enjoyed posting a risque selfie or two, but in recent months, her attire has gotten progressively skimpier.

And it seems that fans of Angeliners have zero complaints.

Angelina Pivarnick on Instagram in 2021

"In a world of crazies I learned how to live," she captioned the photo above.

The pic she posted the day before was significantly more formal, but just as boob-tacular.

"You can take the girl out of Staten Island but you can’t take the Staten Island out of the girl," she wrote.

Photo via Instagram

"Staten for life and yes I talk like a truck driver sometimes that’s what makes me Angeliner  as you all know I love to say ‘F off or go f yourself ‘ lol."

Angelina certainly loves to tell her more contentious castmates to "go f yourself," but fans have been responding well to her brash demeanor.

As always, the comments sections on Angelina’s latest erupted with remarks comparing Pivarnick to Kim Kardashian.

Angelina Is Glowing
Photo via Instagram

And there’s no denying that the two of them are looking an awful lot alike these days.

Angelina seems to take the comparisons as a compliment, and she rarely says much about them, outside of a simple "thank you."

But we’re sure Pivarnick occasionally daydreams about a future in which she’s more like Kim.

However, it’s probably not Kim’s physique that Angelina is aspiring to — but her status as a literal billionaire and arguably the world’s most successful reality star.