Jenelle Evans Attempts to Shade David Eason's Ex With Bikini Pic, Fails Miserably

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When Jenelle Evans got fired from Teen Mom 2, fans wondered how she would pay her bills and what she would do with all her free time.

Two years later, only one of those questions has been answered.

As far as we can tell, the bills remain unpaid, but all that free time?

Oh, you better believe that Jenelle is getting creative in her search for cheap entertainment.

Jenelle Evans in Weird Hat

This week, it seems that she and husband David Eason are keeping themselves busy by harassing Olivia Leedham.

The trouble began when David claimed that his baby mama was turning son Kaden against him.

He did so publicly, of course, instead of raising his concerns with Olivia privately.

David Eason, Kaden

David hasn't seen or spoken to Kaden in over two years, and it seems that he had the opportunity to talk to him on the phone last week, but he missed it, because of course he did.

"Imagine telling your child, 'I'm sorry you haven't talked to your father in two years, he didn't call at 6pm, it was 7 and I don't have to answer the phone after 6. It's a court order…' I just couldn’t," David wrote on Facebook.

Obviously, David placed the blame on Olivia, even though the times were determined by a judge, and he was the one who failed to call on time.

David Eason Gets Serious

Thankfully, Olivia didn't take the bait, and she hasn't responded to David's social media provocations.

Possibly for that reason, Jenelle has now tagged in and kicked off her own campaign to antagonize Olivia.

For once in her life, Evans has opted for a subtle approach, but fans were quick to pick up on her shade nonetheless.

Jenelle Evans Wears a Bikini on TikTok

Now, at first glance, what we have here is just another of Jenelle's many bikini selfies.

She generally prefers to post them on TikTok, because she's of the opinion that users there are nicer than the folks who comment on other social media platforms.

(We think it's because TikTok users are younger and thus, less likely to remember Jenelle's many atrocities.)

Olivia Leedham Bikini Photo

This time, however, Jenelle's followers were quick to call her out for her bizarre decision to wear the exact same style of bikini that Olivia has been known to sport.

"I can't believe it's actually the same bikini ... Dude," one commenter wrote.

"Wait y'all ... she literally bought the same swimsuit as Olivia ... SAME COLOR TOO," another added.

Jenelle Selfie Alert

"I can't believe she bought the exact same bathing suit. Never change, Jan, never change," a third chimed in.

If this were anyone other than Jenelle, we might be inclined to write this off as a coincidence.

But it's important to remember that Evans is both psychotic and obsessed with Olivia, so she 100 percent did this on purpose.

During their last beef, Jenelle publicly blasted Olivia as an "alcoholic, cheater, drug addict, scam artist and spouse abuser."

Jenelle Evans Video Still

Around this time, David was also blasting Olivia and blaming her for his non-existent relationship with his son.

"When the best moments are missed for years on end because of a grudge, you know you're obsessively controlling," he wrote on Facebook.

"Just a few more months and I will have my son back in my arms! It's been too long!" David continued.

David Eason and Fam

"I never knew anyone could be so cold-hearted as to alienate my son from me but the truth always comes out and justice prevails!"

Needless to say, these two have a long history of teaming up against Olivia.

We're not sure why Jenelle decided to challenge Leedham to a "who wore it better costume," but it doesn't seem to be working out she had planned!

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