Jenelle Evans Shows Off Body Transformation In Bikini Pics: I'm Thicker Than Ever!

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One of the most absurd things about body shaming is that it perpetuates the idea that there's one acceptable body type and that everyone should aspire to it.

Also, there are so many good, valid reasons to make fun of Jenelle Evans that attacking her appearance just seems sort of ridiculous.

Jenelle Evans In a Bikini In 2020

And yet, every time the Carolina Swamp Queen tosses some bait out there in the form of a twerking video or bikini pics, her followers play right into her hand by trashing her looks and giving her a reason to play the victim.

Evans was at it again this week with more photos of her lounging poolside on Instagram.

At least we assume there was a pool outside of the frame.

Jenelle Evans In Gucci
“'Cause she thick... thi thi thi thi thick' #Bikini #LazySunday," Evans captioned the photos.

Just like Jenelle's lame TikTok videos, there's a whole lot here that you can make fun of without stooping to her level and mocking her physique.

For example, she's being photobombed by a freakin' chicken in this one:

Jenelle Evans, In Bikini, With Chicken

And then there's the question of why Jenelle has been posting so many thirst traps lately.

Does the internet have a theory on that one?

Oh, you better believe it!

Jenelle in Tears

As with everything Jenelle does, the constant poolside posing seems to be rooted in insecurity.

And the insecurity has everything to do with Olivia Leedham, an aspiring model who happens to be one of David Eason's previous baby mamas.

Olivia is currently involved in a competition to cover the Australian edition of Maxim.

Olivia Leedham

"Hey y’all!! I have some great news! This chick has been selected to be in the competition to be on the cover of Maxim Cover Girl Australia!!!!" Leedham recently tweeted.

"I will post a link today where you guys will need to vote!!! Let’s do this!" she added.

You might remember Olivia as the woman who sued Jenelle and David for posting nude photos of her online and attempting to destroy her hair styling business by bombarding Yelp with fake negative reviews. 

Olivia Leedham and Kaden 3

She's become something of a hero to the massive anti-Jenelle community for her willingness to stand up to the Easons despite their usual threats and attempts at intimidation.

As a result, Olivia appears to be doing quite well in the voting, and she'll likely grace the cover of Maxim Australia in the very near future.

You can see how something like that might have a negative impact on Jenelle's already-remarkably fragile ego.

Jenelle in a Bikini

Of course, while she got some of the validation she was seeking from her tiny fan base that's proven to be as loyal as Trump diehard Trump supporters, Jenelle also had to contend with a whole lot of negativity.

First, there were the folks who drew unflattering comparisons between Jenelle and Olivia:

"Give it up you'll NEVER be Olivia so there's no point trying to compete with her," one person wrote.

Jenelle L. Evans

Then there were the commenters who took the trash talk a step further:

"Your [sic] pregnant again? Ugh that poor kid," one follower commented.

Others even went so far as to bring up the recent video in which David Eason killed and ate his kids' pet goat.

Jenelle Evans on TikTok

"How can you be okay with David killing your goat eating it on camera and filming its dead head in the trash?" read one comment.

It's a valid question.

But does it have anything to do with Jenelle's latest round of bikini pics?

Of course not, but we'd much rather see her get raked over the coals for her repugnant behavior than shamed for her physique.

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