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For reasons understood only by him, Andrew Kenton stormed out of the 90 Day Fiance Tell All.

This means that he chose to not offer his side of the story on stage, letting Amira Lollysa do all of the talking.

Now that he missed his chance, Andrew seems to have some regrets.

He’s claiming that Amira and producers are colluding to hide the truth from fans.

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Andrew Kenton made a statement to Screenrant about what viewers heard from Amira.

“The claims that I demanded children are absolutely false,” he insisted.

“Amira and production are hiding the truth," Andrew then accused. 

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And just what is the truth according to Andrew?

He detailed: "which is the fight that preceded our break up was not about kids."

"But," Andrew claimed, "about the revelation that Amira had acquired an agent and was demanding money."

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Andrew specified that she had allegedly done this "hours before her flight.”

Additionally, he claimed that his "real" text exchange with Amira is totally different than what viewers saw.

According ot Andrew, 90 Day Fiance cherrypicked a sample of texts that fit their narrative.

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A lot of fans and castmates alike have had real questions about Amira and Andrew’s conflict.

However, very few people doubt that Andrew was a real jerk to Amira.

Editing can remove context, but … we all saw how he spoke to Amira, and that was when he was on camera.

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So, from the start of the show, it was very clear that editors were having a bit of fun with Andrew.

Sweet gestures that he made to entertain the kids at the daycare where he looks were spun to make him look awkward.

In the first few episodes, you could tell that viewers were meant to see him as foolish and eccentric.

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Over time, the narrative shifted to be a bit less "having fun at his expense" and a little more hostile.

We saw Andrew enjoy a solo vacation while Amira had to return to France after her mysterious detention in Mexico City.

Reportedly, he had the chance to go to Mexico City to try to get her out, but chose to stay in Puerto Vallarta.

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Then, we saw Amira once again decide to try to get to the US another way.

This time, she would go via Serbia … ending up in quarantine during historic unrest.

As was the case before, Amira stated that Andrew had relentlessly pressured her to do this.

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But still, Amira spent two weeks living in her hotel room, going out only to get food.

(Does it really count as quarantining if you’re going to the grocery store? But we get it; she had no choice)

After all of that, she ultimately flew back to France instead of flying to see Andrew. Why?

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Well, she had a panic attack at the airport, but that was more of an effect than a cause.

According to Amira, Andrew spent the night before her flight pressuring her to commit to having kids right away.

Amira, meanwhile, wanted to wait until she was sure that she and Andrew were the right fit as parents.

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But Andrew says that their conflict was not about that, but about Amira getting an agent.

It’s not unusual for reality stars to obtain representation when they are becoming famous.

And one can easily imagine why 90 Day Fiance wouldn’t want to advertise that detail, to avoid breaking the fourth wall.

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But here is where fans have trouble believing that Andrew is telling the whole truth.

Let’s say that Amira did the show solely to become famous … which describes most reality stars.

Let’s also say, hypothetically, that Amira did secure an agent while in Serbia and argue with Andrew about money.

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Would any of that conceivably justify how Andrew spoke to her?

Because that, more than questions about Amira’s story, is kind of the point.

If someone is lying, you break up with them; nothing excuses verbal abuse and hostility.

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Andrew’s behavior at the Tell All was, frankly, very weird.

Amira said that she was prepared to speak, but did not want to speak to or hear from Andrew.

Production agreed, and asked Andrew to step off stage to return after Amira finished.

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Look, few people want to talk to their ex, especially one whom they accuse of yelling and being manipulative.

But Andrew’s reaction was to angrily storm off of the set and leave, sitting in a car in the parking lot until he was driven back to his hotel.

Andrew was the one who decided to never share his story at the Tell All. Fans can only imagine why.

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According to Rebecca Parrott, Andrew said that his only reason for attending was to confront Amira.

That set off alarm bells with her, and many viewers saw it as a red flag from a toxic man who wanted the final word.

If Andrew wanted to get his story out, he should have used the Tell All when he could, not Instagram.