90 Day Fiance Tell All Part 2 Recap: DID Mike Youngquist Cheat on Natalie Mordovtseva After All?

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Season 8 of 90 Day Fiance is officially, completely over.

After Part 1 of the Tell All last week, there were still loose ends to tie up.

Most notably, the show had to delve into Amira and Andrew's drama.

This wasn't just past drama.

When Andrew wasn't allowed to direclty confront Amira, he stormed out ... and did not return.

Then, Tarik and Hazel spoke about their marriage and plans for the future.

Tarik very rightfully schooled some misunderstandings (and let's be honest, bigotry) about his polyamorous marriage.

However, he also revealed that he and Minty had spoken earlier that day.

(As Amira's dad would say, "you do the mistake again!")

Then, Natalie has long harbored suspicions that Mike cheated with his friend Sarah.

More than once, she has insisted that it's true.

Finally, fans get to hear from Sarah.

1. We start where we left off

We start where we left off
Part 1 ended with Andrew's dramatic exit, one that was slightly spoiled by him turning around and asking if he can get a ride back to his hotel. Amira had said that she didn't want to speak directly to Andrew, and when production asked Andrew to step away while she spoke and return with his side after, he stormed off in a huff. That works just fine for Amira.

2. Amira does not want to speak to him

Amira does not want to speak to him
Like so many people who have had bitter breakups, she doesn't want to face her ex. But it's more than that -- she has described verbal and emotional manipulation (and possibly verbal and emotional abuse) and does not want to be subjected to it again.

3. It's a complicated situation

It's a complicated situation
Julia feels exactly as Andrew likely wanted people to feel -- sympathy for him because he wanted to tell his side.

4. Rebecca has a different perspective

Rebecca has a different perspective
She says that she heard Andrew say, before his departure, that his only reason for attending was to confront Amira. That, to her, seemed alarming -- considering that he and Amira were formerly in love.

5. Meanwhile, outside ...

Meanwhile, outside ...
Andrew is in the car but hasn't departed yet, and he says that he adamantly refuses to come back in and share his side of the story unless he gets to directly confront Amira (through the screen) face-to-face.

6. This is relayed to Shaun

This is relayed to Shaun
Probably a good reminder that Shaun, while excellent at what she does, is told which questions to ask, when to move on, and when to press people for more details. In this case, the producer in her ear tells her, and she tells the cast, about Andrew's decision to stay put outside.

7. Nobody likes that

Nobody likes that
The entire cast emphasizes that they wish that Andrew would come and share what he has to say, even if he has to wait his turn.

8. Andrew still refuses

Andrew still refuses
He tells producers that he's not walking into that room unless he can have the conversation that he demands with Amira.

9. Why is Amira so reluctant?

Why is Amira so reluctant?
She explains that she does not want to be manipulated by him ever again, and does not want to speak to him only to wonder when he's going to yell at her.

10. The fear is real

The fear is real
Julia is the one who points out that Amira is visibly trembling at the thought of confronting Andrew directly.

11. So, after the breakup

So, after the breakup
Amira shares that she did send back the ring that Andrew (immediately) demanded after their breakup. She says that she even sent gifts for Andrew's family.

12. It's unclear if they got them, though

It's unclear if they got them, though
This could mean that Andrew didn't give them to his family, didn't tell them that they were from Amira, or more likely, that they didn't like Amira enough to respond.

13. As for what happened in Mexico City

As for what happened in Mexico City
Amira says that she truly did not know what was going on. Everything was normal, and then she was in the back room, and then her phone and shoes were taken and she was put in a cell. She claims to still have no real answer about why she was deported from Mexico.

14. WTF?

Some of the stars had a "well, it's Mexico" attitude about it, while others were genuinely bewildered and perhaps less dismissive of an entire country.

15. And after she got her phone back

And after she got her phone back
According to her, Andrew had barely messaged her at all. Rebecca noted that, if she were locked up for days, her phone would probably lose its charge from being bombarded with calls and texts from worried loved ones.

16. Outside ...

Outside ...
Andrew, still adamant that he's not returning, rides off into the sunset ... never telling his side of the story, except on social media (repeatedly).

17. After all of that, why did Amira go to Serbia?

After all of that, why did Amira go to Serbia?
She says that she did it because she loved Andrew. She even slips, saying "love" first. It can be funny how you get in the habit of saying something in the present tense.

18. And their breakup?

And their breakup?
Andrew had demanded that she get pregnant immediately upon her arrival, or he wouldn't marry her. This happened at the end of her quarantine in Serbia.

19. THAT explains it

THAT explains it
Remember, this was reportedly filmed in February, so not all of the episodes had aired just yet.

20. Andrew didn't waste any time

Andrew didn't waste any time
After their breakup, Amira returned to France ... where she learned that Andrew was already back on the dating site where they had first met.

21. Wait, how did she know that?

Wait, how did she know that?
Shaun isn't actually in charge of the questions that she asks, generally, but she did ask how Amira learned that -- a fair question. The answer is that she received an email notification from that site.

22. Now, many months later, Amira has moved on

Now, many months later, Amira has moved on
Amira is dating a new man and says that he may be the love of her life. However, her new man is also an American. And he's also in California. Amira seems to have a type.

23. Backstage ...

Backstage ...
Brandon admitted that he's confused by Amira and Andrew's story and feels like it isn't adding up.

24. Jovi agrees

Jovi agrees
Remember, Jovi has traveled to numerous countries for work, and he has never had an experience like Amira describes. Did she just get very unlucky, or is she leaving out part of her story?

25. Moving on to Tarik and Hazel ...

Moving on to Tarik and Hazel ...
The two are are participating from home after a possible COVID exposure, but Hazel confirms that she is still hopeful to get a girlfriend at some point in the future when dating is a viable option.

26. Julia had some questions

Julia had some questions
She asks if this means that Tarik will have "two girlfriends."

27. No

Tarik emphasizes that it's not about having two girlfriends. He wants to have one wife -- Hazel. Polyamory comes in many forms, and not all of them involve plural marriage or equal dating partnerships. Tarik and Hazel will both come first to each other.

28. Rebecca's insecurities come up

Rebecca's insecurities come up
Rebecca is generally well liked by fans, but she gets weirdly judgmental about this and tries to tell Tarik that he should have "made his choice" if he's gotten married. That's not how this works, Rebecca.

29. Tarik explains

Tarik explains
With more patience than they deserve, Tarik explains how countless thousands, possibly (likely) millions of married adults are polyamorous in one form or another. Incidentally, the numbers back him up on that, as much as weirdo bigots dislike that.

30. Zied is judgmental

Zied is judgmental
His different cultural background -- being from Tunisia -- explains, but does not excuse, his opposition to other people's relationships.

31. Hazel echoes things

Hazel echoes things
Hazel emphasizes that Tarik is her husband and the man whom she loves, but that the two of them also want to date a girlfriend.

32. Here comes Minty

Here comes Minty
Minty, the woman whom Tarik and Hazel briefly dated many months earlier, whom Tarik had dated beforehand. Tarik's impulsive reaching out to Minty during the pandemic and general reluctance to cut ties with her caused real insecurities for Hazel.

33. Minty explains her side

Minty explains her side
She says that Hazel has jealousy issues and couldn't handle being a throuple relationship. It's possible that she's right ... it's also possible that Hazel would be fine otherwise but has specific issues with Minty.

34. When was the last time that Minty and Tarik communicated?

When was the last time that Minty and Tarik communicated?
"Today," Minty reveals. TODAY?!?!?!

35. Okay, Tarik can explain, he promises

Okay, Tarik can explain, he promises
So when Tarik previously expressed a desire to keep in touch with Minty, Hazel set a boundary -- it should be in a groupchat that includes her so that there's no unseen texting. If she demanded that all of his texts were like this, that would be controlling, but this is a special case.

36. But ...

But ...
Hazel does genuinely want Tarik to just delete Minty's number. He hasn't because they are now "friend," which is true, but sometimes you make choices to better your relationships.

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