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As we reported earlier this week, Jersey Shore icon Jenni "Woww" Farley is officially engaged to Zack "24" Carpinello.

It’s exciting news for the entire Shore family, but there’s one former Seaside regular who has reason to be less than thrilled.

We’re talking, of course, about Jenni’s first husband, Roger Mathews.

Roger, Jenni, Zack

If you’re a longtime viewer, we probably don’t need to tell you that there was a time when Jenni and Roger seemed to be the most stable couple in the Shore universe.

That perception changed when Farley accused Mathews of assaulting her during an argument at the former couple’s home.

Jenni and Roger’s divorce was a messy one, to say the least, but it was finalized almost two years ago, and they’ve since settled on what seems to be an amicable co-parenting arrangement.

Roger Mathews and Jenni Farley Back in the Day

So how does Roger feel about his ex moving on with a much younger man?

Well, surprisingly, it seems he’s totally fine with it!

Mathews addressed the matter on the latest episode of his The Champ and the Tramp podcast.

"I’m happy for her. I’m happy for them," Mathews said.

"From what I know, he’s good to my children," he noted.

"Jenni seems very happy. They seem very happy together." 

From there, Roger acknowledged that he and Jenni went through "some nasty s–t" during their divorce, and to his credit, he took responsibility and apologized.

Jenni and Roger

He seems to have worked on himself considerably in the years since he and Jenni went their separate ways, and we believe Roger is sincere in his comments.

"Our time together is over with the exception of being parents to two wonderful kids," he said.

"I’m happy for them. I’m truly happy for them."

Roger Mathews and Jenni

Jenni and 24 have certainly had their ups and downs over the course of their time together – as millions of fans can attest.

Shore fans will recall the incident in which Carpinello groped Angelina Pivarnick while Jenni was passed out just inches away,

That led to a brief split between Jenni and Zack, but obviously, the two have managed to put the past behind them.

Jenni and Zack: Back Together

And it seems that Roger has, as well.

Obviously, he’s not denying the role he played in the failure of his marriage, but his happiness for Jenni seems genuine, and we applaud him for taking the high road.

And of course, Roger isn’t the only one who’s sending his best wishes to Jenni and Zack upon hearing the news of their Empire State engagement.

Jenni and 24

Several members of the Jersey Shore gang have already taken to social media to offer their congratulations to the happy couple.

“Congrats to you both!!!!!” Pauly D commented on the Jenni and Zack’s announcement.

“Love you guys so much,” wrote Jenni’s BFF Snooki.

JWoww With Snooki

"I’m so excited for you two!! Love you guys! Cheers to forever!” Mike Sorrentino’s wife Lauren Pesce commented.

Thus far, Angelina Pivarnick has kept mum on the subject of Jenni’s engagement, but that might be for the best.

After all, weddings are a touchy subject as far as Jenni and Angeliners are concerned.

But remarkably, compared to other drunken reality show cast members at least, Jersey Shore couples have a very high success rate.

Sure, there have been plenty of grenades along the way, but in terms of serious relationships?

Jenni is the only member of the guido gang who’s been divorced.

Jennifer Farley and Clayton Carpinello at the VMAs

So hopefully, the second time will turn out to be the charm for Ms. Farley/Woww. Age is just a number, anyway.

Whatever the case, she has the support of her OG baby daddy and her fellow cast members, which is good.

Even so, maybe no one should make a toast at Jenni and Zack’s reception … just saying.

The Jersey Shore Ladies Reunite

This crew doesn’t have the greatest history when it comes to wedding speeches, toasts and the like.