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Maci Bookout has broken her silence.

The veteran Teen Mom OG star was a guest Tuesday on Kailyn Lowry’s Baby Mamas No Drama podcast, opening up for the first time since she allegedly put her foot down — and kicked her on-air rivals off the aforementioned program.

Indeed, Ryan Edwards and his family have been fired by MTV.

And all signs point to Bookout as the person responsible for their removal.

Maci Bookout in the Kitchen

Ryan’s wife, Mackenzie, has said for the record that Bookout went to executives at Viacom and insisted that Ryan, his wife and his parents either get booted from Teen Mom OG…

… or she would walk away from the franchise.

“Sadly, the truth of the matter is, she calls the shots here, this is her show. It is what it is, it’s fine," Mackenzie said of the development.

These firings took place after several episodes that featured Bookout feuding with her ex and his loved ones over the amount of time they get to spend with her son, 12-year old Bentley.

Maci Bookout in Blue

Talking to Lowry, Bookout did not deny Mackenzie’s accusations.

She didn’t really talk specifically about this situation at all.

Instead, with cast changes on the way, Maci honed in on her own future.

Does she plan on making like Chelsea Houska and departing MTV any time soon?

Maci Bookout on the Phone

"Back in the day, I’d always say as long as I feel like I’m helping people or showing them they are not alone or they’re not crazy, then I would keep doing it," Maci told co-hosts Lowry and Vee Rivera.

"As the kids get older, it’s definitely a season by season thing."

Bookout — who is a best-selling author and has grown into a Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) advocate — continued:

"At this point selfishly, I feel like the show opens my eyes to me — what I need to work on, what I need to face myself. It’s just a good reflective tool that most people don’t have."

Maci Bookout on MTV Episode

Still, the role does come with challenges.

Most notably, viewers have watched as Maci tries to co-parent with Ryan, a drug addict who has been arrested numerous times and also gone to rehab on more than one occasion.

She and her husband, Taylor McKinney, have clashed for several months with the Edwards family over custody of Bentley, with Bookout insisting the child isn’t comfortable with his father and saying that he wants Ryan to seek professional help.

This feud allegedly culminated in a major confrontation at the Teen Mom OG reunion special taping a short while ago.

Maci Bookout Hugs Bentley

"I feel like production does a good job of navigating around the children," Bookout said on the podcast.

"If the kids don’t want to film, they’re not going to film.

"As long as we can continue to navigate that and the other positives are happening, I don’t see a reason to leave the show but that doesn’t mean that one won’t arise.

"It’s definitely season by season."

Maci Bookout on Teen Mom Episode

Earlier this month, Ryan confirmed to The Sun that he was fired from MTV — along with his parents Jen and Larry Edwards.

As mentioned above, both he and his wife claim Maci played a part in the decision.

"Maci is in fear that my mom and dad will start telling the truth," he told the publication. "She will always fight to have us off the show."

Maci Bookout for MTV

Again, Bookout didn’t delve into specifics or fire back at this sort of allegation.


"I’ve always co-parented with his parents," she explained to Lowry.

"Our relationship, really for a long time now, I want to say since Bentley was young, our relationship — the extent of it — has honestly just been the show."

What about Ryan, though?

What is her relationship like with her ex?

She basically doesn’t have one.

"I can tell you I probably lay eyes on Ryan and have for years and years maybe a handful of times a year," Bookout concluded. "It’s not a thing really."