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Maci Bookout has scored a major win over her baby daddy Ryan Edwards — and it seems like she’s fully enjoying the thrill of victory.

As you’ve probably heard by now, Ryan got fired from Teen Mom OG last week.

That means no more Ryan, obviously, but also no more Mackenzie Standifer and no more Jen and Larry.

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And how does that constitute a victory for Maci, you might ask?

Well, for one, the entire Edwards family has been behaving atrociously for years, and this is exactly what they have coming to them.

Ryan has been bullying 12-year-old Bentley and doing his best to ensure that the boy winds up deeply traumatized and grows up hating his father.

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Not helping matters in the slightest is the fact that Jen and Larry told Bentley that they would side with Ryan no matter what, essentially confirming that the poor kid has no allies in that part of the family.

And then there’s Mackenzie Standifer who’s been feuding with Maci for about as long as she’s been married to Ryan. 

MTV canned the entire family at Maci’s request, and forcing their hand was an absolute boss move on her part,

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(Teen Mom execs likely would’ve let Ryan and company hang on forever, as long as they remained good for ratings.)

And in case she ever doubted that she made the right decision, Ryan’s ignorant comments in the wake of the firing should serve to confirm that she was 100 percent in the right.

“Maci is in fear that my mom and dad will start telling the truth," he recently told UK tabloid The Sun.

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“She will always fight to have us off the show.”

Yes, Ryan reacted by threatening Maci’s reputation, which is exactly the sort of response we’ve come to except from that bitter, bitter man.

These days, fans are begging Maci to offer up some inside info about Ryan’s dismissal.

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Maci is set to appear on Kailyn Lowry’s Baby Mamas No Drama next week, and fans took to the the Teen Mom Tea Instagram page to share what they hope will be the topics of conversation.

Not surprisingly, one potential subject shot right to the top of the list.

"I would like to hear about what caused her ex to get fired off of teen mom," one person commented.

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"Obviously baby daddy drama," another wrote. "It’s obvi about rHiNe," another wrote, using the hilariously popular nickname that fans have adopted for Ryan.

"Obviously the only interesting thing.. her getting ryan off the show lol," a third chimed in.

Fans have been pressing Maci for information on her Instagram page as well, and while we’re sure she would love to spill the tea, we wouldn’t go holding our breath.

Talking About Bentley

Despite the flood of prying comments — and probably because of an iron-clad non-disclosure agreement — Maci has been keeping her opinions to herself.

Instead of delving into the drama, Bookout has been making bank from sponsored content deals and living her best life.

As you can see from the photo below, the mother of three looks 100 percent unbothered by her latest bout with the Edwards clan.

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Ryan, on the other hand, is trying to pretend that he’s unbothered, by we can tell that’s not the case by the fact that he’s still giving interviews.

“MTV does not really stand for anything we believe in or support," he told The Sun, as though the whole thing were his decision.

“I really haven’t given MTV much thought now that I have my own fabrication shop.”

Whatever you say, Ry …