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Kody Brown made it very clear on the latest episode of Sister Wives.

The family patriarch said his relationship with Meri was dead and over and that he didn’t even wanna try with her any longer.

But while Kody appears to be done with one spouse, it sounds like he’s only just beginning with another wife…

… when it comes to procreating!

Kody and Robyn for Sister Wives

No, seriously, folks.

Speaking to Us Weekly, Kody sounded pretty darn open to having more children, with the obvious mother-to-be his youngest wife, Robyn.

“That’s really up to her, but it’s always fun to sit here and fill my youth going, ‘I can have kids if I want to,’” Kody told this tabloid.

“I do that to my adult children sometimes. It’s not cool to Robyn. She’s like, ‘Oh, this jerk is doing it again.’ And I’m like, ‘I can have more kids if I want to. I might have kids younger than your kids,’ stuff like that.

"It’s more, like, a dumb thing where I’m just challenging the kids and I’m teasing them.”

Kody and Robyn Brown Together

Kody and Robyn got married in 2010.

They share two kids, Solomon, 9, and Ariella, 5.

Relatedly, Kody adopted Roby’s children from her previous marriage: David, 21, Aurora, 18, and Breanna, 16, in 2015.

In total, Kody shares 18 — yes, 18!!!! — sons and daughters and three grandchildren with his quartet of sister wives, Robyn, Jenelle, Christine and Meri Brown.

Sister Wives Family Poster

Robyn is 42 years old and doesn’t sound completely against the idea of getting pregnant again.

But would she really want to?

With a guy who has openly admitted he’s kind of against plural marriage and doesn’t seem to care about any of his loved ones very much?

“Personally, I think it’s up to Robyn, but whenever I ask her, she always goes, ‘Well, it’s up to us. We make this decision together,’” Kody added to Us Weekly.

Kody Brown on Season 10

Kody and Robyn at least seem very stable in their marriage.

The same can’t be said for Kody and Meri.

“Meri and I have been in a very dark place for a very long time,” Kody said just a few days ago, adding:

“It’s been more about trying to get ourselves out of this hole that we dug ourselves into.”

Kody Brown Sister Wives Photograph

Why not just walk away in that case? Especially because Kody said on air this past Sunday night that he really has no interest in even salvaging this romance?

“In plural marriage, I don’t feel like I’ve got the right to say, ‘This is over, this is ending,’” the reality star explained to Us.

“I have dominion over my own body and where I’m at, but I’m not in place where, like, I can say, ‘Hey, I’m divorcing you.’ I can’t do that.

"However, any one of them, I feel like, can.”

Meri Brown with Hubby

Kody added via this same interview that he’s informed all of his spouses “they can leave” at any time if the relationship is not working on their end.

But he cannot.

“On its face, plural marriage is a double standard in some senses,” Kody told Us.

“There’s other double standards that we have in the family that we sort of tolerate. And that other double standard is I don’t get to leave, but they can.”