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Well, we certainly didn’t see this one coming.

The Duggars have been more secretive than ever in recent weeks, and fans suspect them of hiding everything from Anna Duggar’s seventh pregnancy to Jana Duggar’s courtship with Stephen Wissmann.

Many assumed that they kept those two developments a secret for a reason and that the principal players involved chose to keep the situation under wraps.

But now, a new question has emerged:

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What if they’re sick of sharing so much with the world, and all this privacy is their new normal?

That’s what fans are asking themselves amid news that the Duggars might have kept yet another major development under wraps.

According to Katie Joy of the Without a Crystal Ball YouTube vlog, Jed Duggar has been secretly courting a young woman named Katey Nakatsu.

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Not only that, Joy claims that Jed and Katey are secretly engaged!

This situation is unusual for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that Jim Bob and company usually shout courtship news from the nearest rooftop.

The family even rushed to share the news of Justin Duggar’s courtship with Claire Spivey, despite the fact that Justin was only 17 when the relationship began.

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So why all the secrecy surrounding Jed?

After all, up until now, he’s been one of the most pubic Duggars, which is certainly more than can be said for Justin.

Jed ran for office last year, seeking a seat in the Arkansas State House or Representatives.

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He was soundly defeated by his Democratic opponent, but his campaign made it clear that Jed is a big fan of the spotlight.

So why would he get engaged without even announcing his courtship to fans?

The intimacy of the photo is evidence that there’s something going on between these two — after all, prior to engagement, Duggar men aren’t even permitted to be alone with the opposite sex, much less hug them.

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That leaves only two possibilities:

Either Jed is dating — or we’ve all been taken in by an elaborate con.

"Look what just showed up in my inbox…." Joy captioned her Instagram post about the engagement.

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"I mean, Jed Duggar is engaged to Katey Nakatsu. Video coming soon on the wedding," she added.

While some fans were quick to celebrate the news, others immediately suspected that something was afoot.

"Meh, looks photoshopped," one follower commented.

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"That’s what I’m thinking registries & invites can easily be made by anyone parents names are almost always on invites & the picture could be shopped,"

"But we will see in 2 weeks."

Sources claim that Jed and Katie will tie the knot on April 3, and one of even provided a photo of what appears to be an invitation:

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So yeah, it’s a lot of evidence.

But it’s so out of character for the Duggars to keep something like this under wraps that we wouldn’t be surprised if the whole thing is just an elaborate troll job.

We suppose we’ll find out the truth very soon — unless, of course, Jed and Katey decide to keep their wedding a secret too.