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90 Day Fiance fans have been horrified this season, labeling Andrew Kenton a gaslighter and manipulator.

The Season 8 villain’s texts to Amira, exposed on screen, had viewers frothing with outrage.

Now, Andrew is claiming that the text messages and DMs were totally faked.

Fans are having a hard time buying that claim.

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"You have two tickets, two choices," one text message snarled to Amira Lollysa.

"You can choose your flight here or there," the toxic texts continued.

"Do what you want," Andrew advised Amira. "I don’t care."

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Those text bubbles appeared on screen.

Additional texts showed up as Amira scrolled through her messages on her phone.

"You’ve been given a lot more rope to hang yourself with," Andrew wrote, "so it’s on you."

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"The children at the daycare are far better team players," the super weird message accused.

"So make your choices," he taunted.

"You shoot yourself in the foot," Andrew wrote.

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What followed was an intensely rude countdown.

Literally, he texted her numbers counting down.

That is simply not an acceptable way to speak even to a friend, let alone to your intended spouse.

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All of that was apparently caused by Andrew’s last-minute efforts to demand that Amira promise him children.

Amira was reluctant to make such a promise until they settled down and she knew that they would not fight.

It seems that this prompted Andrew to redouble his efforts to once again wear down Amira until she agreed to his demands.

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But on social media, Andrew is once again saying that he is being mischaracterized on the show.

Though he has now turned off most commenting on Instagram (likely to avoid breaking NDA), Andrew did use the platform to hit back.

According to him, what viewers are seeing are "TV tricks" and nothing more.

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“What do you have to say about the texts that were shown on this week’s episode,” a fan asked.

Andrew answered: “Plenty, A whole essay on the tv tricks used and lies told, but would you even believe me?”

His reply then exclaimed: “For heaven sake my WhatsApp picture wasn’t even that, it was of US!”

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Now, as we have reported in the past, there are real instances of 90 Day Fiance fakery.

The show isn’t scripted, but between casting, production meddling, and editing, they can do a number on reality.

However, the idea that any reality TV show would fabricate text messages seems difficult to believe.

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Commenters across social media reached a consensus that TLC does many things, but “100% didn’t fake those text messages.”

One expressed that they initially considered that they might be fake … but Andrew’s own Instagram dispelled that notion.

“Andrew seems to have no problem whatsoever posting their text convos, so why not post the receipts for this one?” the fan asked.

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Andrew has, as you can see, posted conversations in the past in an attempt to shift blame onto Amira.

“How can it be ‘Tv tricks’ when we literally saw it on her actual phone..?” another asked.

It’s true that a phone screen could be faked on TV … but does 90 Day Fiance even have that kind of CGI budget? Text bubbles are enough.

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The fact of the matter is that some of his texts may not have been shown in their full context.

However, there are very few contexts for his texts that could possibly justify what he wrote.

Unless he had previously written: "If I were a real jerk, here’s what I’d say," what he said was just not okay.

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We absolutely think that cameras made a point to show Andrew in an unflattering way early in the season.

But his ill-advised solo-vacation in Puerto Vallarta pales in comparison to the pressuring and harsh messages to Amira.

If Andrew has a good explanation, we’d love to hear it. Perhaps we’ll have to wait for the Tell All.