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Betty Gibbs’ pathological need for control put her at odds with Julia Trubkina on 90 Day Fiance.

During those first few weeks, Julia was treated like (unpaid) hired help, not like a daughter.

Some fans made things worse, accusing her of putting herself through that for a green card, not for Brandon.

Julia is setting fans straight — about stereotypes, about her life in Russia, and about her work ethic.

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"Why everyone has stereotypes about Russia and Ukraine," Julia began a recent Instagram post.

She cited the pernicious stereotype "that everyone wants to go to America."

Memorably, her castmate Yara Zaya (who is from Ukraine) also grappled with this BS.

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"I never wanted to move to America," Julia affirmed.

She explained that this was never her goal "because I have everything in Russia."

Julia then listed: "my family, friends, my own apartment in the center of Krasnodar."

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"I have a good job," Julia noted.

"I loved to travel," she expressed, "but I always came home."

"But [for] the first time I followed a man!" Julia wrote in reference to chasing Brandon.

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"All countries have pros and cons," Julia very sagely noted.

"The main thing is not where you are, but with whom you are," she wisely concluded.

Gotta admit, I was already a huge Julia fan, but she’s even more of a delight on social media.

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This was not the first or only time that Julia addressed what fans think of her.

"Jokes about now you are a farmer, I declare closed!" Julia announced.

"The first time is funny, the rest are not," she explained. "I’m on retirement now."

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"Dancing is a part of me, I worked in clubs, bars, with bands or singers," Julia noted.

She added: "But I started working at the age of 13."

Julia revealed: "My first job was I was handing out advertisements on the street in the summer."

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Julia then began to list jobs that she has worked: "waitress, cleaned the office, promotions."

She continued to list: "leading, organizer of parties for children, babysitter."

Julia listed other jobs that she has worked: "hookah girl, dance teacher, saleswoman."

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Julia’s list continued: "administrator, drawing teacher, wrote articles in the magazine."

Finally, her list concluded softly with: "fitness instructor, designer, assistant judge"

Julia quickly explained: "she was only engaged in the preparation of documents and verification of information."

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"Honestly, the list goes on, but I don’t remember," Julia admitted.

"I have always worked and tried myself in different areas," she added.

"But since I have a diploma as a designer," Julia reasoned, "I will try to advance further in this area."

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Now she can add reality TV star to the list.

Unfortunately, she can also add "involuntary farmhand" after Brandon’s mother treated her like an indentured servant.

But Julia doesn’t have to include that disrespectful and humiliating experience in her resume if she doesn’t want to.

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Sadly, some viewers chose to dislike Julia immediately upon meeting her.

As we have discussed in the past, 90 Day Fiance has a xenophobia problem … but the misogyny is much worse.

Some viewers are quick to condemn women on the show and give men a pass. It’s a social problem, and the show caters to it at times.

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Julia also happens to be very pretty and not ashamed of her body or sex.

These are positive traits, but if someone holds misogynistic standards, they will despise her for those.

And all of that was before Julia’s K-1 visa trip turned into a 90 Day Farmhand nightmare.

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The vast majority of fans saw Betty and Ron as the villains that they are, and sympathized with Julia.

Betty simply told Julia how things would be, from the separate bedrooms to Julia’s list of mandatory chores on the farm.

That’s not how a decent host treats a guest, and much of the work with animals terrified and disgusted Julia as it would have many of us.

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Sure, some people wouldn’t mind waking up at dawn every day to feed livestock or doing other farm work.

Julia is a city girl. We can’t really imagine Betty or Ron enjoying urban life or working as nightclub dancers either.

It’s a shame that she was treated with such disrespect when she first came over. We hope that things get better for Julia and not worse.