Ariela Weinberg and Biniyam Shibre: Are Troubled 90 Day Fiance Stars Still Together?

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Last month, 90 Day Bares All viewers learned that Biniyam keeps ghosting Ariela.

In other words, even engaged, they're having the same problems that they were on camera.

Some fans, intrigued by their story and drama, hoped to see them again on The Other Way.

Others aren't so sure if they can last that long. Are they even still together?

Ariela Weinberg Moves In for a Kiss with Biniyam Shibre

Ariela Weinberg and Biniyam Shibre did not get a happily ever after on Season 2 of The Other Way.

Oh, they didn't break up, even though it was touch and go many times for them.

In fact, Biniyam even proposed at the end, during his favorite holiday.

Biniyam Shibre sour proposal to Ariela Weinberg

But that proposal almost didn't happen, because of the usual two factors impacting the two of them.

Ariela was uncomfortable with the unfamiliar setting and worried for her baby's safety.

And Biniyam, as always, acted like all of Ariela's thoughts and feelings were ridiculous and not worth respecting.

Biniyam Shibre Dips Ariela Weinberg

But like we said, their conflict that day didn't break them up.

Biniyam saw Ariela's decision to return (after making sure that her baby was safe) as an overture and proposed.

And despite literally none of Ariela's long-term concerns being actually addressed, she agreed. They're engaged.

Ariela Weinberg to ET Oct 2020 (same room)

Ariela recently spoke to Shaun Robinson on 90 Day Bares All.

There, she shared that Biniyam was frequently gone for many hours, leaving her home alone with the baby.

In some cases, she revealed, this could last for days.

Ariela Weinberg, Biniyam Shibre, and baby Avi en route to Timkat

Some viewers who decided to hate Ariela immediately responded to this news by pointing out that Biniyam works many jobs.

While it's unclear how many jobs he currently works (they are living in Kenya, not in Ethiopia when last we checked), that's not the reason for the absence.

And even if it were, few jobs prevent someone from checking in after, say, 10 hours, or from telling their fiancee where they're going.

Ariela Weinberg Embraces Biniyam Shibre

According to Ariela, Biniyam's absences are to meet up with friends to plan his music career.

(Remember, the supremely reliable 90 Day Fiance blogger John Yates reported that they did the show in the first place to boost his career as Usman's was boosted)

And she shared that a friend of Biniyam's told her that one of their friends gets so drunk at these meet-ups that nothing ever gets done.

Wish Shibre about Ariela Weinberg - she really behaved good today

Biniyam's family cotninues to complain that Ariela does not seem to enjoy their 24-hour family get-togethers.

These were the same people who backed up Biniyam at every turn and pressured Ariela into baptising her baby.

Every time that Ariela spoke up, they would shut her down by comparing her to Biniyam's ex-wife.

Biniyam Shibre Selfie with Ariela Weinberg

And yet, despite all of that, Ariela continues to post photo after photo of her with Biniyam.

Maybe they're still together. Maybe they broke up and Ariela is embarrassed.

Or maybe, one way or the other, Ariela is still under NDA and will appear in the franchise again.

Ariela Weinberg and Biniyam Shibre Share a Selfie

Honestly? They're a much-talked-about couple and it would make sense for them to appear again.

As we noted, nothing was resolved on their season even though they appear to still be engaged.

The only fight that had a real conclusion was that Biniyam succeeded in pressuring Ariela into permanently mutilating their son.

Ariela Weinberg and Biniyam Shibre for Valentine's Day 2021

That very permanent decision can never be undone unless there is one day a medical miracle.

Everything else -- Biniyam's inability to respect Ariela, Ariela's unhappiness, the conflict with the family -- is still part of their lives.

As human beings, we'd like for them to just break up for both of their sakes. As fans, we'd like to see them on another season.

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