Prince William & Kate Middleton: Royally Pissed About Harry & Meghan's Oprah Interview?!

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Since moving to the US, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have demonstrated a remarkable knack for steering clear of unwanted media attention.

Sure, the tabloids still report on them, and the Sussexes were forced to sue a photographer who appalled the world by using a telepohoto lens to snap a photo of their baby while he was inside their house.

But by the standards of a mega-famous couple living in the media capital of the Western World, they've done a remarkable job of hiding out.

Of course, it was never Harry and Meghan's intention to hide out forever.


Despite the fact that the Royal Family has cut ties with the Sussexes, the couple has every intention of continuing their humanitarian work.

And no one needs to explain to an actress and a prince that notoriety can be an invaluable tool to anyone seeking to call attention to an important cause.

And so, Meghan and Will are preparing to re-enter the spotlight -- and they're doing it with the help of a very well-known friend.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in Red

Yes, the Sussexes will be sitting down with Oprah for their first interview since stepping down from as senior members of the royal family.

The conversation won't air until March 7, but to the surprise of absolutely no one, the Queen and company are already getting their knickers in a twist.

To be clear, there's no reason to believe that the interview will feature any sort of gossip-y chatter or insults directed at the Windsor clan.

Cambridges and Sussexes In Church

But according to a new report from Us Weekly, Prince William and Kate Middleton have now added their voices to the chorus of complainers who are prematurely objecting to the interview.

“It’s just beyond the pale for William and Kate,  especially in light of the dreadful timing with [Prince] Philip in the hospital,” an insider tells the outlet.

“They are utterly aghast.”

A Fab Four

While it's true that 99-year-old Prince Philip has been hospitalized, the interview was scheduled well before that unfortunate development -- and we highly doubt that Harry is planning to trash his century-old grandfather during the discussion.

“They won’t talk negatively about Prince William and Duchess Kate,” a separate source says.

“They don’t want to put any more fuel on that fire.”

2 Princes

In all likelihood, the objections have little to do with the content of the interview, and much to do with the ongoing feud between William and Harry.

“William and Harry’s fallout was very real, very ugly and incredibly intense,” an insider told Us in January, following Will and Harry's brief reconciliation over the holidays.

“They’d reached an impasse. … It’s certainly been a roller-coaster for everyone involved, especially the brothers, who are vowing not to let things get this out of hand in the future and have learned a lot from this difficult experience.”

Kate Middleton and 2 Princes

The Royals are no doubt particularly concerned about the timing, as the interview comes on the heels of news that Harry and Meghan will be stripped of their titles, and the posts they vacated will be reassigned.

“The queen was hoping that they’d return, but there is not much she can do about it and accepts their decision,” a source previously revealed.

“After lengthy discussions with the palace, Harry and Meghan have quit being royals for good. It was their choice to leave.”'

Regardless of who ultimately made the decision, the move indicates a tense relationship between the two sides -- and for obvious reasons, Will and Kate would prefer to keep those tensions under wraps.

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