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When Meghan Markle and Prince Harry stepped down from their roles as senior members of the royal family they did so largely in the hope that they could escape the prying eyes of the infamous British tabloid press.

When Harry and Meghan moved to America earlier this year, they did it with the expectation of a better and more private life for themselves and their son.

A Royal Family Photo

So you can imagine the couple’s surprise when they learned that a paparazzo had tespassed on their property in order to snap a photo of 1-year-old Archie.

That’s the claim the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are making in a new lawsuit against an unnamed photographer.

According to court documents obtained by TMZ, Meghan and Harry allege that the photographer’s actions "crossed a red line for any parent."

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It’s unclear how the royal couple found out about the pics.

Based on the court filings, it sounds as though the photos were shopped to several media outlets, but not actually published anywhere.

It’s likely that one of the outlets contacted Harry and Meghan and informed them of the photos’ existence.

Whispering to Meghan

Whatever the case, it appears that Sussexes are royally outraged.

They’ve hired famed celebrity attorney Michael Kump to represent them, and they’re accusing the photographer not only of violating their privacy but also of lying to the media in hopes of drumming up interest in purchasing the photos.

The lawsuit alleges that the unnamed defendant lied about the location where the photos were taken so that we would not appear to be selling "unsolicited photographs of a young child in the privacy of his own home are very much unlawful."

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Sadly, Meghan and Harry say this is not an isolated incident.

In the suit, they claim that "some media outlets have flown drones a mere 20 feet above the house as often as three times a day."

The Sussexes are currently residing in a Malibu mansion owned by Tyler Perry.


Perry’s home is in a gated community, and it’s located at the farthest possible point from the gate.

Clearly not interested in taking any chances, the Meghan and Harry ramped up security measures before moving in and surrounded the property with a tall mesh fence to guard against the use of telephoto lenses.

So it’s unclear how the intruder got so close — and Harry and Meghan would probably prefer not to think about it.

Markle and Prince Harry

Sadly, the couple has been down this road before.

Before they left the UK, Harry blasted the British press and filed a lawsuit in response the libelous claims made against Meghan.

Now, it looks like even moving to a new continent won’t help Harry and Meghan finally find some privacy.