Jenelle Evans: Morgan Wallen Just Needs Better Neighbors! LOL

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Jenelle Evans has quite the history of saying and doing awful things.

For example, remember the time that she told Nathan Griffith's brother, a veteran, that she wished he would have died in combat?

Jenelle on Teen Mom, Too

Or what about the time that she made fun of her mother for working at Walmart, failing to mention that she was working at Walmart to provide for Jace because Jenelle was too busy partying to be a parent?

And then there were those leaked Facebook messages allegedly from Jenelle to Kieffer, the ones where she called him the N-word.

There's also, you know, the fact that she's married to David Eason and supports all the garbage that comes out of his dumb mouth.

So yeah, Jenelle has never been that great at not saying controversial things.

Jenelle Evans YouTube Image

And now we have a brand new example to add to that list.

This morning, this girl thought it would be a good idea to kick off her day by talking about Morgan Wallen, the popular country singer who got pretty thoroughly cancelled last week after a neighbor filmed and shared a video of him screaming the N-word outside of his home in the middle of the night.

Did she condemn what he said?


Jenelle Evans In the She-Shed

But did she at least admit that it wasn't great and that it's not the worst thing in the world for someone to be held accountable for their actions?

Also no.

Instead, she wrote "Morgan Wallen needs to move away from neighbors. #JustAThought" and shared it on both Facebook and Twitter.

Because the issue is obviously that he doesn't have enough privacy to scream racial slurs without anyone overhearing him, not that he was screaming racial slurs in the first place.

Jenelle Evans and Her Trunk

On Facebook, Jenelle has her comments limited so that only certain people can reply to her posts, so over there, the post is still up and there are just a few people agreeing with her.

But on Twitter, it's a free-for-all. 

And no one was impressed by her thoughts.

We're not sure how her followers responded to her hot take on Morgan Wallen because she deleted it soon after posting, but she follow up with "This is exactly why this app is ridiculous."

Jenelle In Retouched Photo

"Trolls are everywhere and any celebrity that tweets or says anything is 'homophobic' or 'racist.'"

Someone told her it's not an issue of trolling, it's just that people call out racists and homophobes, but Jenelle didn't like that response.

"Lmfao I knew it," she tweeted. "Because I brought up the topic now I am 'racist' and 'homophobic.'"

She complained because she was just trying to "connect to fans on this app but this is how I'm treated sooo I mean I give up lmfao."

Jenelle on Her Land

That's two uses of "lmfao" ... boy she really must be laughing a lot and not at all bothered by any of this, huh?

"Why can't y'all just be happy?" she asked with a laughing emoji. "Don't worry about me all the time."

"Anything I say pisses ANYONE off," she added.

Look, this is all just so goofy.

Jenelle in Tears

It's goofy that Jenelle's reaction to the Morgan Wallen thing is to say that he should move somewhere where he doesn't have neighbors, the obvious implication being so that he could say whatever horrible thing he wants in peace.

It's goofy that she doesn't understand why that's a thought she should have kept to herself, and that even after people called her out on it, she doesn't understand the issue.

We're not really surprised about any of this, considering everything else we've ever heard and seen from this girl.

But still ... would it kill her to just not be this ignorant, even for just a little bit?

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