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Oops, you guys.

Morgan Wallen’s bad.

Like, Morgan Wallen’s very, very, very, very, VERY bad.

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The country music superstar was caught on tape over this past weekend arriving home in Nashville after a night out with friends.

In footage shared by TMZ, which was recorded by one of Waller’s neighbors, the artist and his pals honk their horns loudly and act all rowdy and out of control.

As Morgan appears to stumble toward his home, he tells someone to watch over a guy in his group. And this is among the awful things he says prior to going inside:

Take care of this pussy-ass motherf–ker… take care of this pussy-ass [N-Word].

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Holy awfulness, right?!?

This is just the latest problematic incident involviing with Morgan, too.

Late year, days before he was scheduled to be the musical act on Saturday Night Live, video surfaced of the singer partying it up in a bar without a mask on… interacting and kissing numerous women.

He was axed from that particular SNL episode, but given another chance to perform on air a few weeks later.

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In response to this latest truly atrocious scandal, Wallen said to TMZ on Tuesday night:

"I’m embarrassed and sorry.

"I used an unacceptable and inappropriate racial slur that I wish I could take back.

"There are no excuses to use this type of language, ever. I want to sincerely apologize for using the word. I promise to do better.”

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The backlash has begun forr Wallen, though.

In the wake of his racial slur, the second-largest radio chain in the nation has pulled Wallen’s music from all of its 400-plus stations, including this statement to its station managerr along with its decision:

"Team, unfortunately country music star Morgan Wallen was captured on video Sunday evening using a racial slur," the "EXTREMELY IMPORTANT.

"Effective immediately we request that all of Morgan Wallen’s music be removed from our playlists without exception. More to follow."

The backlash has also arrived from a multitude of other country artists.

"The news out of Nashville tonight does not represent country music," Tweeted Kelsea Ballerini.

Added Mickey Guyton: "The hate runs deep smh."

Then, seemingly calling on the country music industry itself, Guyton added: "So what exactly are y’all going to do about it? Crickets won’t work this time."

Maren Morris, meanwhile, agreed that Wallen sucks — but disagreed with Ballerini’s sentiment, writing:

It actually IS representative of our town because this isn’t his first “scuffle” and he just demolished a huge streaming record last month regardless.

We all know it wasn’t his first time using that word. We keep them rich and protected at all costs with no recourse.

Just two days ago, Billboard noted that Wallen’s "Dangerous: The Double Album" had just enjoyed its third straight week atop the Billboard 200, making it the first country album to do so in eight years.

Too bad the person who recorded it is such a vile human being.

The guy has got to go.