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The world is more outraged than ever in the wake of the Framing Britney Spears documentary.

This week, Britney Spears once again faced off in court against the iron grasp of her father and the conservatorship.

Britney has never wanted Jamie to control her life, but he has been fighting the court-appointed Bessemer Trust for total authority.

Specifically, Jamie has insisted upon absolute power over Britney’s investments. He … did not have a good day in court.

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On Thursday, February 11, the battle over Britney’s infamous conservatorship continued.

Last year, Britney filed a petition with the court to remove her father and install a respected financial institution as the sole conservator over the estate.

Her attorney revealed in court that Britney is afraid of her father, refuses to perform while he still has control, and has always wanted her father ousted from her conservatorship.

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Conservatorships are almost impossible to abolish, because our justice system is a nightmare … and also because they are intended for enfeebled senior citizens.

Last year, Judge Brenda Penny appointed Bessemer Trust as Britney’s co-conservator alongside Jamie Spears.

Jamie, however, was seemingly furious at being forced to share specific conservator powers, as his attorney raised objections to the new situation in court.

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As we have previously reported in our coverage of this human rights outrage, Jamie’s objections seemed centered upon one thing: investments.

Jamie has long enjoyed being able to invest Britney’s vast fortune however he pleases within his role as conservator.

The court order last year required that he share that power with Bessemer Trust … and colloquially speaking, he pitched a fit.

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In court on Thursday, Jamie’s attorney asked the court to restore Jamie’s sole power over investments.

Britney’s legal representation explained that the nature of a co-conservatorship — already ordered by the court — must include reduced powers by Jamie, since he is now co-conservator.

In other words, Britney’s team wasn’t asking for much in this regard, merely consistency from the court.

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Britney’s attorney also shared the concern that Jamie might delegate his investment powers to a third party.

The court denied Jamie’s objection to the new sharing of powers, reminding those involved that they are co-conservators.

As such, Jamie and Bessemer Trust are expected to collaborate on a budget and investment proposal for Britney’s estate.

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Obviously, the most joyous outcome might have been for the conservatorship to simply be brought to an end.

Britney is a 39-year-old woman with a successful, world-changing career and two amazing teenage sons. She deserves her human rights.

But at this time, the court’s hands were largely tied by the law — conservatorship laws need to be rewritten, and not just for Britney.

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Some fans are celebrating what they hope will be the beginning of the end for Jamie.

Some theorize that he has been unscrupulous with Britney’s fortune and medical history and will now be exposed.

Other fans note that his benefits from being conservator are likely more sophisticated than simply funneling his daughter’s money elsewhere, and believe that every penny will be accounted for.

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However, Bessemer Trust may now have the power to void certain NDAs signed under the auspices of the conservatorship.

This is an exciting prospect for many in the #FreeBritney movement, who hope that people once silenced will soon be able to speak out.

Hearing more voices speak out about what they have witnessed over these past, what, 13 years? That could sway public opinion even further.