Jamie Spears: Only I Deserve Control Over Britney's Fortune!!

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As if ruining her family and controlling her life for a dozen years weren't bad enough, Jamie Spears isn't satisfied.

He is refusing to relinquish control of Britney Spears' conservatorship.

While Britney is fighting to pry her life and her fortune out of his grasp, Jamie is fighting her at every term.

He seems particularly fixated in retaining unilateral control of how Britney's money is invested ... and fans have a lot of questions.

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The Blast got a hold of court documents from Britney's ongoing struggle for some semblance of autonomy within her Conservatorship.

Last year, Britney's legal team requested that the Bessemer Trust Company be appointed as Co-Conservator of Britney's estate.

The goal was to ensure that her best interests are protected. Naturally, Jamie is pitching a fit.

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He has been fighting this courtroom request for months.

Why? Because it is part of Britney's urgent quest to strip her father of his almost unilateral power over her career, finances, and life.

Meanwhile, Britney's mother, Lynne, has voiced her agreement with Britney, telling the court that Jamie should be removed from the position indefinitely.

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But Jamie hasn't maintained near-absolute control of his famous daughter's life for a dozen years by accident.

He has fought with ever fiber of his rotten being to retain his position, and no changes by the court or #FreeBritney social pressure seem likely to change his attitude.

Bessemer Trust was recently added as Co-Conservator, but Jamie is insisting that the court modify the order so that he is not stripped of any of his roles.

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In the newly filed documents, Jamie's own attorney is essentially whining about wanting the court to confirm that he still has total authority.

Jamie apparently believes that he should still have the ability to open trust accounts "for Britney" with portions of her vast fortune.

According to Jamie, "the power to assert the Conservatee's rights in any trust established for her benefit – should be added to the Proposed Order."

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It seems that Jamie is particularly fixated upon retaining his power to decide where to invest Britney's money.

His gripe is that though he has had this power through the Conservatorship for a long time, now the Bessemer Trust has the same power.

Jamie wants absolute control over all investment decisions.

Britney Makes a T

Meanwhile, Britney is still trying to remove Jamie from her finances and her life entirely.

The already intense public scrutiny into this disturbing Conservatorship is likely to increase with the upcoming premiere of Framing Britney Spears, an FX documentary.

Within the documentary, producers interview a number of people who were in Britney's inner circle, from her friends to her former attorney -- the one who was barred from defending her when the conservatorship was established.

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For years, Jamie has insisted that every penny of Britney's fortune is accounted for, so insinuations that he is greedily clinging to her fortune are somehow slanderous.

We cannot attest to his motives, but a growing number of fans note that his power to invest Britney's money as he sees fit, and his desperation to keep this power, may poke a hole in his defense.

After all, fans argue, Jamie might have any number of motives to invest Britney's millions in specific ways and possibly even reap benefits ... more than enough motive to quash her freedoms and keep her in a gilded cage.

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