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Well, it finally happened.

After months of build-up, JWoww and Angelina Pivarnick finally locked horns on Jersey Shore: Family Vacation.

Of course, if you were hoping for the screaming and bloodshed this conflict would’ve produced in the show’s early days, you were probably sorely disappointed.

Angelina and Jenni

Rather than ripping each other’s extensions out, the ladies sat down and had a civil conversation with Dr. Drew as mediator.

Naturally, the number one topic of conversation was the bridesmaids’ speech at Angelina’s wedding, and Angelina’s (arguably over-dramatic) response to it.

"I’m not telling her to fix anything. She can be who she needs to be, I just don’t want to be part of it," said Jenni.

JWoww and Dr. Drew

"It’s like shame on me if I allow that back into my life. She doesn’t affect me whatsoever now."

(Of course, later in the episode, JWoww was caught lying about the text she sent to Deena, in which she revealed that Angelina very much does affect her.)

"At the wedding, I did not know that speech was coming," Angelina explained.

Photo via Instagram

"It hurt me a lot. It hurt my husband a lot. It obviously hurt all the guests that were there."

"I think the big concern is, before the advent of social media, s–t would go down here and it would just stay here. Social media has been weaponized, people get hurt," said Drew.

"Jenni expressed to me that things have happened as a result of you on social media that have really hurt her so badly that she’s fearful now."

Photo via MTV

"She was going on me on social media too. I’m not like that, she shouldn’t be scared of me at all," Angelina argued.

We were then treated to a montage of Jenni’s scariest moments, from the old ("you can stay, and get your ass beat") to the more recent (remember last year, when she grabbed that wine bottle and looked like she was about to smash Angeliners over the head with it?) 

"When you go to social media, you caused damage, irreversible damage and I feel like you felt good and justified and just and having the audio leak and thriving in our demise," Jenni replied.

Photo via YouTube

"When we were trying to get a hold of you and begging to make it stop, you turned your phone off. You had a fire extinguisher in one hand and gasoline in the other and you decided to light the girls on fire and that makes me fearful."

"Everybody was going in on each other on social media, nobody’s right here," Angelina argued.

As though producers knew what was going through viewers’ minds, they cut to away to a confessional segment in which Ronnie complains about how boring it is to listen adults prattle on and on about social media drama,

Ronnie on Zoom

Perhaps reading the room, Pinsky prompted Pivarnick to delve into deeper larger questons about her place within the group.

Angelina replied that she’s still viewed as the "black sheep" and she still feels as though she’s in the "initiation phase."

It was then that some serious ground got broken:

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The rest of the cast admitted that they think of Angelina as an outsider due to the all the years she was absent during the filming of the original Shore series.

However, Mike assured her that she’s still part of the family, and that he’ll try to make her feel more included going forward.

Speaking of Mike and family — Lauren Pesce is pregnant!

Photo via Instagram

Normally, producers would have kept us in suspense until next week with regard to the results of Lauren’s test.

Maybe they knew the secret’s already out in the real world, or maybe they figured they tortured us enough with all the Jenni-Angelina drama.

Whatever the case, the episode ended with one of Shore’s most memorable moments.

The Honeymoon Situation
Photo via Instagram

"It’s all happy tears, it’s all a good thing," Lauren said in an emotional confessional.

"We’re just so happy to be here experiencing this together. We’ve just waited and prayed so long for this. We’re really lucky."

"I have a really awesome comeback story, I do," said a tearful Mike.

Mike Sorrentino Proposes to Lauren Pesce
Photo via MTV

"The last couple years haven’t been easy, but I wouldn’t change a thing because it has made me into the man I am. I think I’ll be an amazing dad."

We think so too.

Congrats to the happy couple!