Brittany DeJesus: Briana Does NOT Pay For My Plastic Surgery!

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It's not uncommon for young reality stars to go under the knife in an effort to "prefect" their appearance.

In fact, the list of Teen Moms who haven't had plastic surgery is shorter than the list of those who have.

But what about the secondary cast -- the parents and siblings who help make the Teen Mom universe complete?

Brittany DeJesus

Well, not surprisingly, they like to undergo some nips and tucks of their own -- but some of them don't have the cash to finance an endless string of elective procedures.

But apparently, that's not a problem for Brittany DeJesus, the younger sister of Briana DeJesus.

Brit's not shy about the fact that she's had a little work done.

Brittany DeJesus Picture

And she wants the whole world to know that her sister did not foot the bill for any of her cosmetic surgeries.

Brittany is known as the edgiest and funniest of the Teen Mom siblings -- she's even been known to steal scenes from her famously outspoken sister -- so it comes as no surprise that she shared the news of her new look in typically irreverent fashion.

"Today I said f--k the gym and got plastic surgery," DeJesus wrote on Instagram.

Brittany DeJesus Swimsuit Pic

When one of her followers responded with "Shade?" Brittany offered some clarification:

"No I really got plastic surgery today lol."

Brittany confirmed the news with a selfie captioned, "Saying bye to this body."

Brittany DeJesus on Instagram

We'll leave it to others to question the wisdom of undergoing an elective procedure during a pandemic.

Instead, we'll focus on the other big question raised by Brittany's post -- namely, who paid for all that work. 

Now, Brittany didn't go into specifics with regard to what exactly she had done, so it's tough to put a pricetag on her transformation.

Brittany DeJesus In 2021

But considering she said "bye" to her old body, we can guess that she shelled out for a fairly complete overhaul.

Brittany went to Dr. Miami -- the same guy who gave Briana her Brazilian butt lift -- but she didn't mention her surgeon by name, so it's a safe bet that she didn't get free procedures in exchange for a shout-out.

And with just 340,000 followers (everything is relative when it comes to the 'Gram) the younger DeJesus probably doesn't have "free surgery" clout anyway.

Briana DeJesus and Snooki

So who paid for Brit's surgery?

Well, it seems she took care of it herself.

"Did your sister pay for your plastic surgery?" one of Brittany's followers asked.

Brit was quick to respond, and it seems she was not happy with the question.

Brittany D Comments

"What exactly does she pay for in regards to me? Just bc we live together doesn't mean she gives me money," she wrote.

"I get a check from MTV and it's a nice one at that. I PAY FOR MY OWN S--T B---H!!!" 

Not only does Brittany receive a check from MTV, she might be breaking six figures in annual earnings.

Seemingly to avoid petty contract disputes and questions about A- and B-tier talent, Teen Mom producers pay everyone the same rate.

The main Moms just earn more because they appear in all of the episodes, and most of their family members do not.

So someone like Brittany can really rake it in, especially if she supplements her income with Cameo shout-outs and sponsored content.

In other words, don't question the woman about where she gets the money for her plastic surgeries!

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