Ryan Edwards and Mackenzie Standifer: Have They Secretly Broken Up?

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The Teen Mom franchise has introduced us to many, many dysfunctional couples over the years.

But few have been able to top the chaotic energy or sheer insanity of Ryan Edwards and Mackenzie Standifer.

Ryan Edwards With His Family

Mackenzie seems like a relatively stable person, but Ryan delivers enough drama for the both of them.

Between Edwards' arrests, his hellish battle with addiction, and his famously combative attitude, it's miraculous that Ryan has managed to make any relationship work.

But that's just one many reasons that fans believe he and Mackenzie have broken up.

Mackenzie Standifer Edwards and Ryan Edwards

Ryan maintains a pretty low profile these days, but Mackenzie still posts on social media on daily basis.

The topics of her posts are the usual sort of stuff -- her kids, her house, her workout routine ...

But as many fans pointed out earlier this week, Ryan curiously does not appear in many of Mack's posts.

Mackenzie Standifer Working Out

“I never see him or hear him in the background,” one fan commented on Mackenzie's latest workout selfie after several others inquired as to Ryan's whereabouts.

As In Touch first reported, Mackenzie was quick to reply to the remark with some snark of her own.

“Lol y’all got some mean lil comments anytime he is lmao,” she wrote.

Ryan Edwards Baby Photo

This is not the first time that Ryan's absence from Mackenzie's Instagram page has been noted by Standifer's followers.

Last month, one of them asked Mack point-blank why her husband seems to have disappeared from social media.

“Why doesn’t Ryan post? Why no pics of him?” the user asked.

Mackenzie, Ryan Edwards Pic

“No. He’s had a lot of problems,” Mackenzie cryptically replied.

The remark sparked rumors that Standifer and Edwards were facing problems in their marriage, but Mackenzie later clarified her original comment and claimed that this was not the case.

“Don’t we all have problems? Or are you one of the rare few that don’t have any," she told a fan who requested further details.

Ryan Edwards on Father's Day 2020

Mackenzie seems supportive of Ryan's decision to maintain his privacy, and she doesn't often comment on her husband's life.

Recently, however, she made some impassioned remarks about the importance of addressing addiction as a nationwide health crisis rather a criminal matter.

“I will never stop speaking out against this horrible disease!” she wrote on Instagram.

Mackenzie Standifer Drinking Water

“It consumes your life and turns you into someone you don’t know. I’m asking you to never give up. Each day is a struggle.” 

Clearly, Mackenzie is serious about helping her husband in his never-ending battle with addiction.

But don't to thinking she's lost her sense of humor entirely.

Mackenzie Standifer With No Makeup

When a follower blasted Mackenzie for eating at Chick-Fil-A recently, Standifer clapped back in hilarious fashion.

“15 minutes of fame for the gullible, narcissistic enabler,” the person wrote. “Not everyone is a trashy fast fooder.”

“OK, Kathy, thank you for pointing out that I’m a ‘trashy fast fooder.’ I like all the fooders. My belly is full, and my heart is blessed. Whatchu gonna do about it?” Standifer replied.

“But you better be careful talking about God’s chosen chicken like that.”

Mackenzie added "trashy fast fooder" to her Instagram bio, and it's been there ever since.

So we may not know exactly what's going on with Ryan.

But at least we can rest assured that he and Mackenzie are still able to laugh about their problems,

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