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Farrah Abraham gets into trouble a lot. Sometimes with the law, but often with fans.

When her Thanksgiving video took a bizarre turn and became a disjointed rant, her followers were quick to call her out.

Photo via Tiktok

According to multiple media reports, it’s going to be an unseasonably warm winter, so it’s an even worse autumn.

While some of us suffered temperatures as high as 70 degrees on Thanksgiving, Farrah and Sophia were in Alaska.

Winter is weeks away, but it’s never too early for a winter wonderland … or some absolute derangement.

Farrah, like so many of us, took Thanksgiving as a time to contemplate that for which she is thankful in her life.

Over a curiously edited photo of her walking around in a gorgeous snowy landscape, Farrah writes her thoughts on the matter.

She begins with being thankful for her family.

Farrah continues by expressing that she is thankful for her friends.

This is all very standard, run-of-the-mill stuff for Thanksgiving.

Though she didn’t say anything about surviving COVID-19, her post begins much like many people’s expressions of gratitude did this year.

Buf Farrah also fancies herself an entrepreneur and a businesswoman.

As such, she expressed that she is thankful for her "business colleagues."

There has to be a less awkward way of saying that, right?

From here, Farrah begins to change her tone.

A lot of people might say "life and health" or something along those lines.

Farrah writes "a life" … and this is just the beginning of a bizarre and lengthy example of her, um, thankfulness.

A life that, she writes, "is more then." She obviously means "more than," and even includes the "greater than" symbol.

We all make typos every day — the more that you write, the more typos show up. That’s just the statistic.

But considering the amount of editing that she made on this video and her level of fame, it’s an odd typo.

What is her life greater than?

"Corrupt manipulative false media," Farrah blasts, "and social networks."

That escalated quickly, taking a very sharp turn into looneytown.

Using terms that make sense only to Farrah, she continues.

"Viewpoint discrimination," she announces.

Farrah … we are begging to know what this nonsense means.

Farrah then continues, accusing "media" and "social networks" of something called "political segregation."

It is so unclear what this might mean.

Combined with her "viewpoint discrimination" accusation, is she unhappy that she can’t post some sort of unhinged conspiracy theory that could get her followers killed?

Entertainingly, Farrah then creates the perfect photo.

On top of her face, she writes: "No ethics or morals."

The context is that she’s rambling about "media," but without context, it just looks like she’s describing herself.

Finally, Farrah moves on from her verbal tantrum against the rest of the world to list some actual positives.

She is thankful for "freedom, success, peace, and joy."

"Thanks be to God," Farrah concludes her post.

As you can imagine, she left fans more than a little weirded out.

Commenters were quick to label the TikTok as "bizarre."

Others remarked that the video, its message, and Farrah herself are "a mess."

"What just happened?" another succinctly asked.

We would like to know, too.