David Eason Defends Capitol Riots, Gets Booted Off Instagram!

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Last week, a group of terrorists stormed the Capitol Building in Washington, D.C. and demonstrated outright contempt for the very foundations on which this country was built.

Politicians from both sides of the aisle condemned the attacks, and only the most ignorant and hateful Americans defended the rioters.

So of course, David Eason is on the traitors' side.

David Eason With a Gun

Yes, if white people are carrying guns and acting like morons, you better believe David Eason is all about it.

And if they're responsible for a few deaths, well that's all the better, in David's mind.

To the surprise of absolutely no one, the chronically unemployed Mr. Eason has been filling his days by spreading wild conspiracy theories online, and of course, by defending the terrorists, several of whom are now facing lifetime prison sentences.

Eason's Meme

David tried to pull a fast one on his followers by posting the meme above without providing any context for the quotes.

The politicians represented here (all women, of course -- David's misogyny knows no bounds) made those comments over the summer in reference to peaceful protests that followed the police murder of George Floyd.

Perhaps David is trying to make a statement about hypocrisy by conflating the two wildly different situations.

David Eason Gets Serious

Intentionally or otherwise (with David, you never know if he's being dumb or malicious -- it's usually some combination of the two), he created the impression that these remarks were made in reference to the Capitol riots.

Of course, they weren't, so David's post was removed -- and then he went over to Facebook to throw a fit.

It's unclear if Eason was drunk or just distracted by the all the kids and animals he's supposed to be taking care of, but the semi-coherent nonsense he posted is foolish even by his standards.

Jenelle Evans and David Eason in 2020

"So you 'fact-checkers' don't seem to think democrats are capable of saying what they actually said?" he asked.

"Instagram standards say the words that came out of their mouth was made to 'look like they endorsed riots!'" he continued, as though that's some sort of absurd claim.

"Even though it is their actual words and the context following doesn't make a difference in what was said. So basically according to Instagram, it does look like they were endorsing riots."

Dave Eason

So David thinks we should be able to take quotes from anyone and apply them to radically different contexts in order to further our own agendas?

Is this his first day on the internet? Does he not understand how words work?

This is a guy who constantly whines about being quoted out of context, and yet he thinks he just blew the Discourse wide open by super-imposing Nancy Pelosi's face over a photo of a building on fire?

Going forward, David should probably stick to topics he understands, like how much weed Jenelle Evans smokes, and ... actually, we can't think of a single other area in which David Eason might be a reliabe source of insight or knowledge.

So that's it, if David just sticks to posting about his wife's weed consumption, he won't get booted off of anymore platforms.

He probably knows a bit about the other substances she ingests, as well, but maybe he should just stick to one topic for now.

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