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Let’s start by giving Ben Seewald the benefit of some doubt:

He likely means well.

Upon responding to last Wednesday’s horrific attack against the United States Capitol, Jessa Duggar’s husband was probably just trying to take a broad look at society and attempting to be helpful.

He simply failed pretty miserably is this attempt.

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A day after politicians were forced to barricade themselves inside of a locked-down Capitol and four people were killed — including a police officer — Seewald offered up his viewpoint on the insurrection over Instagram.

"With the unrest in America these days, the easy thing to do right now is to go on social media, point fingers and self-justify," he wrote, adding:

"The hard thing to do is to examine OURSELVES. To pray. To weep. To intercede before God for this nation and the people in it."

That’s perhaps a nice sentiment.

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However, ti’s easy to point fingers right now because it’s extremely clear that Donald Trump helped to invice this violence.

He spent the morning of the attack encouraging his base at a rally to march to the Capitol.

He has refused to accept the results of a free and fair election for months now, agitating his unstable base of supporters with false accusations of voter fraud.

Even Facebook and Twitter now agrees, finally banning the President from their platforms.

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We can pray all we want.

The average American citizen can take a long, hard look in the mirror.

And still:

Not much is gonna change as long as significant members of a major politicial party are outright lying to their constituents and numerous websites and publications are amplying these lies.

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"Preaching this to myself too. God help me. God help us," Jessa’s husband added.

With Donald Trump still out there praising the "Patriots" who committed treason, and a multitude of lawmakers calling for Trump to resign, a slew of Seewald’s followers took extreme exception to his message here.

They took it personallly.

"We didn’t cause this Ben," one person replied, for example.

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Another posted a "Sit down, Felicia" meme, while a third asked:

"Do you stand with the insurrections or with peace?"

In this case, that’s a very fair question.

There are two sides to this so-called debate and if you can’t take the obvious one at this point… what the heck are you doing?

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Thankfully, over the weekend — after Seewald urged people to pray for America, lawmakers, "national repentance of our sin against God" and "God’s mercy on our land" — he appeared to criticize Trump.

When one follower asked why he couldn’t "see there is something wrong with this man, who is your ‘President?’" Ben’s response was telling.

"Something? There are many things wrong with him [Trump]. All the more reason to pray for him."