Chris Lopez: I Will NEVER Get Back Together With Kailyn Lowry!

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Earlier today, we reported on the surprisingly widespread theory that Javi Marroquin is the father of Creed, Kailyn Lowry's youngest child.

We suppose Kail should have expected that sort of speculation after Javi's ex-fiance posted a video in which she claimed that Lowry and Marroquin have been carrying on an affair for the past three years.

In response, Kail deleted her Twitter, and she has yet to publicly respond to Lauren's accusation.

Kail on the Side

So not surprisingly, lots of folks have jumped to the conclusion that her silence is an admission of guilt.

But it's possible that Kail is holding off on trying to explain herself because she knows that emotions are running high, and thus, she wouldn't be addressing a rational audience.

Maybe she's waiting for the dust to settle before she attempts to clear her name.

Kailyn Lowry in Glasses

Or maybe she and Javi are both guilty as hell.

Whatever the case, Kail's reputation is likely to suffer further damage in the weeks to come.

But that might be good news for Chris Lopez, who's only famous because of his association with Kail and whose public image has an inverse relationship with Lowry's:

Chris Lopez on Christmas

In other words, when she loses fans, he gains them, which means Chris is more popular than ever these days.

And the formerly-reviled professional baby daddy is taking full advantage of his newfound popularity by hyping his new podcast and communicating with fans more than ever.

As In Touch reports, Chris hosted an Instagram Q&A this week, and fans were quick to inquire about recent comments from Kail indicating that she has zero interest in reconciling with him.

"Are you bothered that [censored] she’d never be with you again?” one fan asked.

Chris Lopez Smiles

Clearly unfazed by Kail's remarks, Chris replied that he's looking forward to his future as a single man.

“One door closes then five more open. That’s how the universe works," he said.

The comments the fan was referring were likely the ones that were recently published by Hollywood Life.

Kail vs. Chris

“They had a very toxic relationship that she had a pattern of slipping back into but Kailyn is done, she says no chance will she ever get with him again,” an anonymous source told the site.

“She’s 100 percent done.”

During a recent episode of his podcast, Chris claimed that he and Kail finally encountered an insurmountable obstacle.

Chris Lopez and Kids

Strangely it has noting to do with the fact that Lowry has a restraining order against Lopez, or the fact that she was once arrested for assaulting him.

Instead, it has to do with religion.

It seems Kail is an atheist, and Chris is a devout believer in ... something.

Chris Lopez In Blue

“So, in a sense, you know I’m a spiritual person. You know, I’m not religious, I’m spiritual. I believe in a higher power. The mother of my kids doesn’t really,” Lopez told his co-host.

“We’re going to have to come to some type of agreement, you know, a respect level,” he continued.

“You might not believe in something that I do, so respect that. You feel me?”

We can't help but wonder if Chris will ever publicly comment on the Kail-Javi cheating allegations.

Something tells us he'll request a paternity test at some point.

And if he really wants to drum up ratings for his podcast, revealing the results live on the air, Maury-style would be a hell of a way to do so.

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