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It’s no secret that Kailyn Lowry and Chris Lopez don’t get along and rarely ever have.

Somehow, the only baby daddy who was a repeat customer is also the one with whom she has way more problems.

This time, they’re not arguing about haircuts or fights.

Chris says that it’s challenging to raise children together when they have such different beliefs.

Kailyn with Chris

Chris Lopez has an unfortunately named podcast, PTSD — Pressure Talks with Single Dads.

"I’m a spiritual person. I’m not religious," Chris stated on a recent episode.

"I’m a spiritual person," he repeated. "I believe in a higher power."

Kailyn Lowry Reads

"The mother of my kids, I don’t know, doesn’t really," Chris says, referring to Kailyn Lowry who is not religious.

He says that their difference in beliefs "causes some conflict" as they co-parent.

Why? Because, Chris gripes, their kids "don’t know" anything about spirituality.

Chris Lopez on Christmas

Chris details that, for example, he prays before eating a meal.

He wanted to teach Lux, who is three years old, that some people do the same thing.

Specifically, Chris wants to rope Lux into doing the same — holding hands, praying, and then saying "amen" before eating.

Chris Lopez Smiles

"This little boy has the biggest problem with just saying ‘amen,’" Chris complains.

"No lie. Like he has a fit," he gripes.

Chris describes: "Damn near about to cry because I’m just like, ‘Yo, just put your head down and say amen.’ Doesn’t want to do it."

Chris Lopez and Kids

Fortunately, Chris says that he ultimately does the right thing.

He explains: "I’m like, ‘Okay just do what you want."’

However, he is adamant that he plans to teach his son about spirituality whether he wants this or not. 

"I’m not going to shy away from what I believe in because another parent don’t," Chris declares.

"We just have to come to some type of agreement," he says, "you know, a respect level."

Chris continues: "You may not believe in something, but I do, so respect that."

In Celebration of Lux

He points out that interfaith conflict — or this less formal version of it — is nothing new or unique to them.

"Some parents believe in whatever and other parents don’t," Chris reasons, "so there’s conflict."

That is true … but from his description, it sounds like the only one causing any conflict is Chris.

Chris Lopez In Blue

There are a couple of conflicts at work, here.

The first is Chris making unilateral decisions about Lux’s upbringing despite his initial total disinterest.

Kail, based upon Chris’ own description here, sounds totally neutral in this. The two of them need to communicate directly.

Chris Lopez With Lux

The second is … Chris is welcome to pray at any time that he likes, including before meals.

But whether religious or spiritual, those practices need to come from a place of sincerety.

It is good that Chris allows Lux to decline, but why is he trying to push this on his son at all? If Lux gets older and wants to pray before meals, surely he will do so.

Chris Lopez Live

For the record, I’m not hating on praying before meals — I’m a religious person myself. But that’s my choice.

Kailyn shouldn’t raise Lux to believe what she does. Chris shouldn’t raise Lux to believe what he does. Only Lux should decide his religious or spiritual beliefs, and for the moment, he’s three.

Right now, just let him live his life. If he wants to know about either parent’s views on, well, anything, he can always just ask. Assuming that Chris remains part of his life, anyway.