Javi Marroquin: I Did NOT Cheat on Lauren Comeau With Kailyn Lowry! [UPDATED]

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Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry takes a heck of a lot of flak on social media for the decisions she makes in her personal life.

Kail likes to say she's been unlucky with men, but her haters believe all of her suffering is self-created, and she's a victim of her own bad decisions.

The truth, of course, is probably somewhere in the middle.

But if the latest rumor about Kail's love life is true, well ... it won't be easy for us to continue defending her.

Folks, it seems there's reason to believe that Lowry is back together with Javi Marroquin following his most recent breakup with Lauren Comeau.

At first, we didn't believe it ourselves, but at this point, we have to admit that the evidence is pretty compelling.

And not only is Javi being accused of hooking up with Kail once -- Lauren now claims the exes have been carrying on an affair for YEARS!

Take a look:

1. Say It Ain't So

Say It Ain't So
Teen Mom 2 fans are convinced that Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin are secretly dating. And as far-fetched as that rumor may seem, it would explain an awful lot.

2. The Disruptor

The Disruptor
As you probably recall, Kail played a major role in Lauren and Javi's most recent (and seemingly final) breakup.

3. Kail Tells Her Tale

Kail Tells Her Tale
During an October episode of Teen Mom 2, Kail alleged that Javi tried to have sex with her in a Wawa parking lot while she was pumping gas.

4. Speaking Her Truth

Speaking Her Truth
"You’re willing to come to Middletown to f–k me but you won’t come to Middletown to meet me to get your son or even meet me halfway to get your son?” she said to her producer. “Only if it benefits you in a sexual way? Now you’re being disrespectful and I’m going to disrespect the f–k out of you.”

5. Wawa ... Wow

Wawa ... Wow
While we're sure the convenience store chain appreciated the shout-out, this probably isn't their ideal form of product placement.

6. Putting Her Foot Down

Putting Her Foot Down
Lauren might have caught Javi cheating and forgiven him in the past, but this time, she stuck to her guns and left his ass for good.

7. The Squeaky Wheel

The Squeaky Wheel
Last time, Javi publicly begged for Lauren for a second chance, until she finally caved in and moved back home.

8. Minimal Effort

This time around, Javi's pleas fell on deaf ears. Of course, it also seemed as though he put significantly less effort into winning Lauren back then he did the first time. And there might be a good reason for that ...

9. Theeeeey're Back!

Theeeeey're Back!
Believe it or not, there's real reason to believe that Kail and Javi are back together.

10. The Guilty Parties?

The Guilty Parties?
In fact, there are indications that Kail and Javi have been sleeping together for the entire duration of Javi's relationship with Lauren.

11. The "Evidence"

The "Evidence"
On Tuesday, January 19, Lauren went on Instagram Live to confirm that she and Javi have broken up.

12. Real Pain

Real Pain
“I’m never gonna air dirty laundry on the internet. My mama raised me better than that. I do think I deserve to come on here and show some real f–king pain,” Lauren began.

13. Temporary Delawarean

Temporary Delawarean
She went on to describe herself as a "single mom" who's currently "stuck" in Delaware (she's originally from Maine, and she returned home following her first breakup with Javi).

14. A Difficult Position

A Difficult Position
“I’m just here to pick up the pieces with my kid, stuck here with no family or friends," Comeau complained.

15. Speaking Out?

Speaking Out?
While Comeau previously posted cryptic memes and quotes about "toxic people" and the importance of removing them from your life, this is the first time she's spoken directly about the Javi situation.

16. ... Or Holding Back?

... Or Holding Back?
But some of her followers think Lauren didn't tell the whole story.

17. Spilling New Tea?

Spilling New Tea?
On Reddit, several fans are claiming that Lauren hinted at a Javi-Kailyn reconciliation. And she may have suggested that the exes have been secretly hooking up for years.

18. Devastating News?

Devastating News?
"I just caught the end and where she was saying she got some devastating news about the last three years and was talking about javi and kail," one redditor wrote.

19. Shots Fired!

Shots Fired!
"She ended it by saying 'if you see javi driving around in a black suburban today you know why' and I’m so confused, did she say at the beginning what happened? Did anyone happen to screen record. My heart hurts for this poor girl!" the commenter continued.

20. Kail Caught?

Kail Caught?
So is Lauren really implying that Kail has been banging Javi AND she bought him a new car? That's too ridiculous to be true, right?

21. Further Evidence?

Further Evidence?
"Kail and Javi hooking up, well, that was obvious from the way Kail started to panic when she realized what she had done," one fan wrote. "Her sudden burst of empathy wasn't about therapy, it was about controlling the narrative,."

22. Busted?!

Well, as the Teen Mom Tea Instagram page points out, they were recently at the same dealership at the same time!

23. Oh, The Irony

Oh, The Irony
"F--king Kail literally has a podcast called 'Baby Mamas, No Drama,'" one viewer pointed out.

24. Should've Seen It Coming?

Should've Seen It Coming?
"I called it months ago that Kail would hatef--k Javi just to spite Lauren," another person chimed in.

25. The Chris Connection?

The Chris Connection?
Some fans believe Kail is ruining other relationships because she's upset about her most recent baby daddy. "The saddest part about this, if true, is that IMO I don't think Kail even wants Javi. She's constantly rejected by Chris, and Lauren is the one who suffers as a result," one wrote.

26. The Creed Question

The Creed Question
And then there are the folks who think baby Creed is actually Javi's kid ... but we'll leave that speculation for another day.

27. More to Come ...

More to Come ...
Kail has yet to respond to the allegations, but you can be sure there's more drama coming soon. We'll keep you posted!

28. UPDATE: Javi Claps Back!

UPDATE: Javi Claps Back!
Javi has now responded to Lauren's claims, telling In Touch, “While I have tried to avoid a he said/she said situation [by] staying quiet, the accusations Lauren made against me this afternoon on Instagram are false."

29. Staying Focused?

Staying Focused?
“My only focus right now is creating healthy coparenting relationships with both Lauren and Kail for the sake of my boys and bettering myself," he added.

30. Counting Cars

Counting Cars
Meanwhile, a source tells The Ashley's Reality Roundup that the dealership situation might not have been as bad as Lauren suggested.

31. Strictly Business?

Strictly Business?
“He had a white SUV that he traded into the dealership in order to get the black Suburban Kail had recently traded into the dealership,” the source said. “Lauren feels like Javi driving a car that used to belong to Kail is a slap in the face to her. But what’s funny is the white SUV that she and Javi both use to drive was also Kail’s car originally. Lauren used to drive it around, knowing it was Kail’s old car and it never bothered her.”

32. Actually Innocent?

Actually Innocent?
"Kail and Javi are definitely not getting back together,” the source added. “She just feels like Javi buying Kail’s car is a sign that they’re still hooking up, and have been behind her back for years."

33. Still Angry

Still Angry
Nevertheless, Lauren is convinced there's something shady going on. “It’s just f--king upsetting that two people can be OK with causing people this much pain,” she said in her video.

34. Upsetting Stuff

Upsetting Stuff
“It’s really f--king upsetting," she continued. "I have dealt with my fair share of betrayal and pain and all that my whole life. But what I found out today, from the kids nonetheless, just makes me feel like the last three years they’ve just been waiting for this to happen.”

35. Briana's Take

Briana's Take
Lauren has received support from unexpected sources, including another ex of Javi's Briana DeJesus. “Damn I would hate to be stuck in another city with no friends and family,” Briana tweeted. “Thank god I dodged that bullet lol f--k datttttt.”

36. Laying Low

Laying Low
Kail has yet to respond personally, but her rep emailed The Ashley with a statement reading, “Kail is disappointed that a business arrangement over vehicles today was blown out of proportion. All [insinuations] made against her on [Lauren’s] live were false.”

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