Chelsea Houska: I Have No Time For Jenelle Evans' BS!

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Well, for Teen Mom 2 fans, it's the end of an era.

Chelsea Houska's final episode aired this week, and many fans say they can't even imagine the show without one of its most beloved OGs.

Of course, Houska is not the first cast member to exit the series -- but fans found it much easier to say goodbye to the last one.

Chelsea and Jenelle

As you're probably aware, Jenelle Evans was fired from the show back in 2019, and her life has been one endless campaign to remain relevant ever since.

She's employed several strategies to avoid being forgotten, and while she's managed to keep her name in the tabloid headlines, this probably isn't the sort of fame -- or, more accurately, infamy -- that Jenelle imagined for herself at this stage in her life.

Evans can launch a podcast or defend her husband's latest act of violence or racism, but at the end of the day, she knows that the public only cares about her life as it relates to Teen Mom 2.

Jenelle Evans In the She-Shed

And so, Jenelle is basically trying to make a career out of attacking her former co-stars -- and she seems to have zeroed in on Chelsea.

Why Chelsea? 

Well, maybe she figures that as the most popular Teen Mom, Chelsea is sure to draw a lot of attention if she enters into a feud.

Jenelle Evans and Her Trunk

And so Jenelle is trying everything.

She's made fun of Chelsea's clothes.

She's called on MTV to fire Houska (even though she's already quit the show).

Chelsea Houska Says Goodbye

But much to Jenelle's chagrin, Chelsea is a real adult with an actual life to live, so she's refused to take the bait time and again.

And Evans is probably even more pissed off by the fact that fans are praising Chelsea for her mature refusal to engage with her.

As one fan on Reddit points out, Jenelle has been "making fun of her for wearing plaid, accusing her of not being honest about her story, hinting that she knows some bad things about Chelsea that happened behind closed doors, sarcastically saying that Chelsea is 'soooooooo perfect and never made a mistake.'"

Chelsea Houska: Pregnant With Baby #4

But having dealt with Evans for over a decade now, Chelsea clearly understands that the surest way to triumph over this bully is to continue to act like she doesn't exist.

"The best possible thing Chelsea can do is ignore Jenelle," one fan wrote on Reddit.

"Chelsea is everything Jenelle wishes she could be and her not giving Jenelle the time of day is the ultimate payback for any pot shots she makes."

Chelsea Houska's Final Episode

"Jenelle will forever be jealous of Chelsea. Chelsea got the house the guy and has custody of her kids keep being a miserable b-tch jenellous."

"Ignoring Jenelle is the best response because there's nothing Chelsea can say that will make Jenelle look more irrelevant that ignoring her does," another added.

"Jenelle should stick to feuding with Katie Joy. At this point, Chelsea is out of her league. It's like Kail trying to get Post Malone's attention."

Chelsea Houska's Bump Selfie

"Jenelle is the last person to say a thing about someone’s style or behavior. Im sure she’s jealous of Chelsea’s life , you know, she has a husband who loves her, doesn’t kill innocent animals , she has custody of all her kids, isn’t trash. Stuff like that," a third chimed in.

"These women are pushing 30 years old. I think Chelsea has matured and just dgaf about Jenelle’s anymore," a fourth observed.

It seems that what's got Jenelle's goat this week is the Teen Mom 2 coverage on the site The Ashley's Reality Roundup, which she feels is biased in favor of certain moms.

Chelsea Houska Drives

"Did you notice? Did you notice how much she hates me and loves Kail and loves Chelsea... but hates Briana," Jenelle tweeted.

"What's there not to love about Chelsea though?!" one fan replied.

"Yeah cuz she has been soooo perfect her entire life and hasn't made one mistake…" Evans replied.

And we have to admit, Jenelle is right on this one.

Chelsea has probably made mistakes -- but she learned from them, and grew as a person, and didn't repeat them.

And that is what made her TM2 storyline so satisfying in the end.

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