Chelsea Houska Opens Up About Leaving Teen Mom 2: I Just Couldn't Do It Anymore

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After more than a decade of reality TV stardom, Chelsea Houska made her final appearance on Teen Mom 2 this week.

The episode was a highly emotional one, as the most popular Teen Mom said goodbye to the legion of fans who made her famous.

Of course, Chelsea has no intention of disappearing from the spotlight entirely, but her decision to leave the series marks the end of an important chapter in her life.

Chelsea Houska Says Goodbye

For several weeks now, the question of why Chelsea quit the show has been circulating non-stop in the Teen Mom-obsessed corners of social media.

Houska had previously offered some insights into her decision, but on Tuesday night's final reunion special, she opened up on the topic like never before.

In what might turn out to be the final segment she ever shoots for MTV, Chelsea confirmed that the decision to retire was not an easy one.

Cole and Chelsea on Camera

"I was losing sleep over this for weeks. To me, it got to the point where it didn't feel right anymore, it didn't feel it was good for my mental health," she told reunion hosts Dr. Drew and Nessa Diab.

"It wasn't an easy decision," she added.

"This has been my life, since I was 17. To say this was a scary decision would be an understatement."

Chelsea Houska's Final Episode

Sitting by his wife's side, Cole DeBoer, stated that he plans to support Chelsea in whatever career path she chooses going forward.

"She knows I'm right behind her and whatever she wants to do, I'll be right here," he told the hosts.

Elaborating on her earlier comments, Chelsea revealed that her decision to quit was spurred by fears about her children's privacy, particularly her eldest, 11-year-old Aubree.

Chelsea Houska and Adoring Husband

"It came down to Aubree. You know your kids and what's best for them. As a family, we were all kind of feeling the same way," Chelsea said.

"I cherish the open relationship I have with Aubree. When I would see some scenes of her and I alone talking, when I tell you it made me sick, I did not like how it made me feel anymore."

Yes, Chelsea became famous while she was pregnant with Aubree, and appropriately, she's wrapping up her MTV career out of concern for her daughter's welfare.

Chelsea Houska and Aubree Ad

Cole says he understands his wife's concerns, but adds that she has no reason to feel guilty about her time on the show or the decisions that she's made.

"If she ever once thought she wasn't good enough at anything, it's just mind blowing," he said.

"Because she's beyond good enough for anyone and I'm truly grateful for her."

Aubree and Chelsea De Boer

To conclude the segment, Chelsea was asked what sort of advice she would offer to her 17-year-old self.

"I would just say that you are good enough and it's gonna be okay and just keep f---ing going," she said.

"It's going to be amazing."

It's been quite a ride for Chelsea thus far, and we're sure her fans can't wait to see what her future has in store.

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