Yara Zaya Mocks 90 Day Fiance Critics: YEAH I'm a Complaining Bish!

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Fans were repulsed earlier this month when Jovi Dufren called Yara Zaya a "bitch" on Instagram as one of their episodes aired.

Sadly, a lot of 90 Day Fiance "fans" have been saying the same thing ... and Yara is now calling them out.

Yara Zaya is Stunned

Knowing exactly what trolls think of her, Yara took to her Instagram Stories earlier this month to parrot what they have to say about her.

“This girl is so much bitchy,” she mocked. “So terrible, she bitch and bitch and complain and complain and I already hate her."

"How she can complain so much? She’s terrible,” Yara jokingly accused herself.

Yara Zaya at the Beach

“Oh my goodness, they’re showing this bitch again,” she parodied.

“I swear, I can’t stand her," Yara continued, speaking in jest of herself. "She’s such a bitch."

"Look how she talk [sic] to him, it’s insane," she all but quoted.

Jovi and Yara for 90 Day Fiance Season 8

"I swear guys, they will not make it," Yara mocked her critics.

Parroting what others have said, she continued: "He need [sic] to send her back home to Ukraine."

"She’s a f--king gold digger!" Yara jokingly accused. "This nice guy with this f--king gold digger. It’s insane.”

Jovi Dufren Hears Whispers

“Green card and money, that’s all," she chided. "She make me so much angry."

"She don’t appreciate nothing. She always freaking complaining," Yara said.

"How much can she f--king complain all the time?" she concluded. "I can’t stand her, I swear. She made me mad."

Yara Zaya - I wanna unpack

In case anyone somehow thought that Yara was confessing that critics are right and that she regrets her on-screen behavior, that was not the case.

She peppered all of this commentary with laughing emojis.

Critics: she's laughing at you, not with you. And it's not difficult to see why she thinks that her critics are spewing BS.

Yara Zaya - let's go (to bed)

Let's catalogue Yara's alleged wrongdoings on screen and see if any of them actually stick.

First up, she was tired when she got off an international flight and was not up to be inundated with lights and sound and meet a bunch of new people.

There are people who sleep easily anywhere and snooze on planes and feel well-rested. Yara is not one, and that's normal. Plan for people who just flew to have time to sleep when they land.

Jovi Dufren apartment with a broken stool

Up next, Yara complained about the apartment that Jovi had rented especially with her in mind, citing that it's nicer than his old place.

We don't doubt that, but from the efficiency-style living room to the broken piece of furniture sitting on the ground, the place reads more like a nice place for a single guy to get laid than a couple's home.

Yara is expected to live there for months at least, some of those alone. It would be weird if she didn't tell Jovi what she thinks of it.

Yara Zaya - because it will not be comfortable for me

Jovi took Yara on a tour of New Orleans, which was aggressively not her style and smelled like horse droppings.

After that, he sprung on her the news that they were going to visit his mother and that she would be expected to stay the night.

Yara hadn't even been in the US for 24 hours. She objected. She doesn't want to sleep in a strange house. She's barely situated in her new home.

Yara Zaya - I never do anything which I don't like to do

Yara actually expressed a very healthy life attitude here.

Do your work, handle any responsibilities that you have, but beyond that ... going on whatever outing other people want to go on is for powerless, miserable children.

Being an adult means that you have a choice about where to go. There's no reason to make yourself miserable by doing something that will make you uncomfortable.

Yara Zaya - Jovi is from the swamp

Some felt that she was being "mean" about Jovi's mom living on the bayou, but ... they both dislike each other's hometowns (because they are very different people).

A lot of people enjoy living in places that others find frightening, undesirable, or straight up repulsive.

When Yara described Jovi's hometown, he agreed that it looked like a "ghost town." She was just accurately describing the area.

Yara Zaya - I don't want to get married in a trailer park

Then came the wedding talk, when she described wanting a Vegas wedding so that both families would be excluded instead of just her.

Gwen, Jovi's mother, didn't like this, but that is not an unreasonable demand.

Like ... it's Yara's wedding. If Jovi wants to object, that's fair, but countless couples have Vegas weddings every year for similar reasons.

Jovi Dufren prepares Yara Zaya for the bayou

Yara does refer to a disturbing undercurrent to much of the criticism that she faces.

"Send her home" and "send her back" are uttered so frequently by fans, furious with someone on TV for things as minor as wanting to get a good night's sleep.

The dislike is rooted in misogyny, but comments about sending someone "back" are straight-up xenophobic garbage. These are engaged couples, not game show contestants.

Yara Zaya - a few days here and he wants to go already

Is Yara actually a gold digger? Some fans seem to think so.

If she were, wouldn't she be happy that Jovi is going back to work early to have more money to spend on her?

As always, the question remains whether Jovi actually has any gold to "dig."

Yara Zaya - is this plastic? (champagne glasses)

Jovi has a good job that has him traveling the world to repair underwater pipelines.

But Yara's request that they live in a nice place isn't unreasonable. Who doesn't want to live in a nice place?

The issue is that the two of them have wildly different definitions of what constitutes a "nice" home, because they are fundamentally different people.

Jovi Dufren IG calls Yara Zaya a bitch

Unfortunately, it appears that one of Yara's critics is Jovi himself.

When someone accurately described Yara as a "boss" for standing up for herself, Jovi wrote on his Instagram Stories that she's actually a "bitch."

Maybe he was joking? Let's hope so.

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