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As previously reported, Jacob Roloff has the support of his loved ones these days.

Both of Jacob’s parents and nearly all his siblings have spoken out over the past few days in response to Roloff’s shocking allegatiion that he was molested by a producer on Little People, Big World.

Married Roloffs
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Unfortunately, however, a number of strangers on the Internet have not been nearly as supportive of the 23-year old… despite his heartfelt Instagram message from last week.

"It is often much easier to think about things than it is to talk about them, and so this disclosure has been delayed, but through that delay I have found the fortitude and words," Jacob wrote.

"As a child, after what I realize now was a long grooming process, I was molested by an executive field producer for ‘Little People Big World,’ Chris Cardamone.

Added the former TLC star:

"I do not expect to provide details of this encounter at any point publicly. I do hope he is never allowed around children again."

Jacob and Isabel Rolloff on a Hike

So… Jacob named his perpetrator. But he refused to divulge what transpired.

For this reason, among others, he’s garnered some backlash on social media.

One commenter, for example, complained to Roloff that they were not sure who to believe at this point, arguing that Jacob "[wants] people to judge" Cardamone.

"I have asked nothing of anyone," responded Jacob. "In fact, I tell you that this is, first and foremost, for me, and only peripherally against other things.

"Perhaps you should reconsider what you *must* have opinions on, because it is surely okay to keep silent, especially in today’s world where we are mistakenly allowed to gawk at so many and so much. Self-control and contemplation. Find them."

Amy Roloff and Youngest Son
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Then there was the critic who blamed Jacob for defaming Cardamone in the court of public opinion.

"I speak only the truth and invite the accused to sue me for defamation if he so chooses, but he will not, as he has already been charged and sentenced to probation in 2010 for lewd acts with a minor by force or fear," Jacob wrote back, exposing new information and adding:

"That’s *another* victim, in addition to multiple others that I am now aware of…

"There is more to come on my end but shut the f-ck up about slander. Predator is a big boy and can defend himself."

Jacob Roloff on His Gram
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Another thing these trolled criticized Jacob for? How long it took him to make this accusation.

He said in his statement that he didn’t come out sooner because "a child must process, and I needed silence and time" and he clapped back hard now as follows:

"You are not OWED this information, and yet you speak proudly and loudly from your ignorance. Let this be a lesson! For God’s sake."

Isabel, Jacob and Ember
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Then there were people who told Jacob that Cardamone is receiving death threats online.

"Why the f-ck are you speaking to me about this?" asked Jacob.

"Find those, apparently though doubtfully existing, people and deal with them as you see fit. Spare me your white knighting.

"After all, at this moment it is merely your opinion that those people are saying those things. I’ve only heard your side yada yada bulls— bulls— I sound like you.

‘You may yet find something valuable to put these energies toward. Keep looking.’

Jacob Roloff and His Better Half
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Thankfully, it sounds as if Jacob doesn’t have any regrets about going public.

He said this week that he finally feels free from a burden he’s been carrying around for years, writing on Instagram:

“Freedom and strength of mind.

"Birds sing after a storm; Why shouldn’t people feel so free to bask in whatever sunlight they have left?"

Jacob and Wife and Mom
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TLC, meanwhile, responded to this ongoing scandal with a statement that reads:

"TLC was just informed about an alleged encounter that occurred years ago involving a third party connected to the production of Little People, Big World.

"We are saddened and troubled by this very serious allegation, and TLC will work cooperatively with the authorities.

"Our main focus remains on supporting the Roloff family during this very difficult time."