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For over a year, the feud between Derick Dillard and Jim Bob Duggar has been raging non-stop and forever altering the way fans look at their favorite family of fundies.

What started out as a battle over Counting On earnings has developed into a clash of core values that threatens to tear the Duggar family apart.

Jim Bob Duggar and Derick Dillard

For months now, the stakes have been growing, as Derick continues to hurl insults at Jim Bob, thus forcing his in-laws to take sides.

For the most part, Michelle Duggar has managed to steer clear of the debacle.

This could be because she’s not as bad as Jim Bob, or because Derick didn’t feel comfortable publicly attacking a woman.

Michelle Duggar Shares Her Wide-Eyed Opinion
Photo via YouTube

In any event, Derick now seems to have aimed his guns directly at his mother-in-law.

And while his latest insult is minor, it’s the sort of thing Michelle is unlikely to forget.

In a new blog post on the Dillard family’s personal website, Derick praises all of the wonderful mothers in his life — and he conspicuously fails to mention Michelle.

Michelle and Derick

"Different people have their ideas about what a mom should look like. Some walk the walk and talk the talk, but are the farthest from what a Christian mother should be," Derick writes.

"A godly mother is not recognized by donning skirts, having long hair, or tattoo-free skin… but instead, a god-fearing mother is recognized by her character and wise management of what God entrusts in her," he continues.

"Some receive the praise of men, but many are the unsung heroes who quietly provide the backbone of our families and the fabric of our society," Dillard adds, concluding:

Derick Dillard and Jill Duggar YouTube

"My wife and mother are examples of those moms."

Derick must have known that fans would pick up on the subtle shade in his post, but it didn’t stop him from writing it.

In addition to that scathing final line, Dillard references the infamous Duggar dress code and suggests that one’s appearance is in no way a reflection of one’s character.

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar on YouTube
Photo via YouTube

He’s right, of course, but such an obvious observation is considered heretical in the Duggars’ world.

Also, the bit about moms who receive praise and fame, but are not necessarily the greatest moms?

Yeah, that’s 100 percent a shot at Michelle.

Michelle Duggar and Jim Bob Duggar in Silver Dollar City

Fans were quick to pick up on the shade, and many Reddit users rejoiced over it.

"I guess he could’ve written YOU SUCK AS A MOM, MICHELLE, but this works too," one wrote.

"Leaving Michelle out even though he used to refer to her as ‘Mom’ feels very intentional," another added.

Duggar, Michelle
Photo via TLC

Some expressed hope that Jim Bob and Michelle would respond in some way, but that won’t happen.

This is the way this feud has played out from the start:

Derick talks some major trash in a public forum, and Jim Bob keeps mum for fear of drawing more attention to the situation.

Currently, Derick’s wife, Jill Duggar, is not on speaking terms with her parents, and the arrangement seems to be working out just fine for everyone involved.

But if Jim Bob thought cutting ties with his daughter would being an end to the feud, he’s got another thing coming.

Clearly, Derick is a man with a score to settle.