Jovi Dufren on Yara Zaya: What a Stuck-Up B-tch!

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On this week's episode of 90 Day Fiance, Jovi Dufren and Yara Zaya clashed about almost everything.

Taking to social media as the episode aired, Jovi labeled the alleged of love of his life a "bitch."

Yara Zaya vs Jovi Dufren in New Orleans

Jovi met Yara while he was traveling for work -- he dives and repairs oil pipelines all over the globe.

What began as a few dates and hooking up resulted in a pregnancy scare and then a miscarriage.

Jovi and Yara bonded during that time, however, and decided that they should get married after all.

Yara Zaya - I wanna unpack

When Yara arrived, she had just gotten off of an intercontinental flight. Obviously, she wanted to sleep.

Jovi wanted her to see everything in New Orleans that night and meet all of his friends, and was disappointed when she didn't live out his tour guide fantasy.

So the next day, even though Yara wanted to unpack and get acclimated, Jovi once again pushed her to tour the city with him.

Yara Zaya - it smells bad

Yara, as Jovi knows perfectly well, likes the finer things in life.

What he does not seem to understand is that New Orleans' festive atmosphere is not her style.

There are places in the US where Yara would fit in perfectly, but very few of them smell like horse maneur or human excretions.

Yara Zaya - Ukraine looks better

Jovi then informed Yara that they were going to see his mom, where they would visit her and then sleep over for the night.

Yara balked at that.

Meeting his mom and visiting for a few hours, sure. Spending the night would not be comfortable for her.

Yara Zaya - because it will not be comfortable for me

Jovi, accustomed to traveling wherever he's sent and sleeping in random beds all over the globe, clearly didn't understand what was plain to most viewers.

The two of them simply had radically different styles of feeling comfortable.

Jovi seems willing to jump from activity to activity while Yara is frankly still adjusting to the time zone change, not to mention to moving to a whole new country.

As you can see in this clip, their confrontation was unpleasant and Jovi's "invitation" for Yara to visit his mother turned into an outright demand.

Meanwhile, Yara stood her ground, offering to simply stay behind or return to Ukraine if Jovi demands that she sleep over.

She set a very clear boundary: she's not going to do something that she doesn't want to.

Yara Zaya - I never do anything which I don't like to do

(This is a great line and I'm saving this screenshot for the next time that my mother is in town; I'm going to let Yara set that boundary for me)

A fan account shared a screenshot of Yara saying this very reasonable line about her boundaries, adding a caption that reads "boss."

Jovi saw it and begged to differ.

Jovi Dufren IG calls Yara Zaya a bitch

"I mean, more like #bitch, right?" Jovi asked.

First of all, no, not right at all, Jovi. Wrong.

Second of all, that is an astonishingly insulting thing to say about just about anyone, let alone someone who at any time was your fiance.

Jovi and Yara for 90 Day Fiance Season 8

Can we infer from this that Jovi and Yara are possibly no longer together? Perhaps.

It is every bit as possible that Jovi just thinks that it's acceptable to speak this way about women in general, even if he's still engaged to or married to them.

For Yara's sake, we hope that it's over. We hope that she's found someone who knows what a nice apartment for a couple looks like, how to relax, and what to never ever call her.

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